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Message started by CJ on 04.01.10 at 06:08:54

Title: Re: Wow, ULS has no pre-cache - thats news to me!
Post by ggn on 04.01.10 at 07:52:47
Actually, creating the ramdisk feature was one of the first features we added to ULS, because the first experiment (aka F1GP) loaded quite slowly.

And, the option to turn it on/off of course exists because we don't want to increase the total memory footprint required. Contrary to what that fucktard says, most games do work with 1mb, but like WHDload when it gets tight in memory, loading will suffer a bit. Still it's more convenient than loading from floppy, right?

In conclusion, another one of Mr. Partition Wiper's FUD campaigns against us faces the cold hard facts and falls dead on its tracks :).

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