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Message started by CJ on 04.01.10 at 06:08:54

Title: Re: Wow, ULS has no pre-cache - thats news to me!
Post by CJ on 05.01.10 at 00:39:26
He's right tho. He's the only one who does "adaptations" and he isn't co-operative or have enough knowledge.

I'd love to know how he can justify that statement when we've produced the ULS code over 4+ years of hard work and testing, and then given it away freely to the community, with full source code, documentation and continued support with constant updates while all his stuff is closed source, buggy, consistantly bad crap.

ULS is now every bit as mature, stable and feature rich as WHDload on the Amiga (which is a fantastic piece of code, btw) and it has proven itself time and time again as a rock solid platform for producing Falcon/HD fixed games, and is being used by more people than just us (Hi Klaz, Hi Phill from Fairlight!)

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