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Message started by Saviour on 05.02.10 at 15:27:10

Title: Chips Challenge
Post by Saviour on 05.02.10 at 15:27:10
Hello everyone,

i tried Chips Challenge last night, but whatever i do the games keeps crashing.
The DBug intro loads and works fine, but after i pressed space, i got 4 bombs and the game was exiting to desktop and freezed there.
After i tried several times already, i get no bombs anymore but i just see a white screen after the DBug Intro and it freezes.
I tried with 16 and 8 MHz, with RAM Disk on and off.
I recall that i got it working in the past, but i even had to play around with the graphics mode or something. But i think this was before i got my CT63.
Does anyone else have the same problems with their CT63 in 030 mode?

Thanks for your help,

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