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Message started by Heavy Stylus on 11.02.10 at 09:05:13

Title: Re: Preferred Control Method for a 3-Button Game?
Post by Heavy Stylus on 11.02.10 at 11:17:34
CJ, I do agree with you that the nicest thing to do would be to provide all control options (even if the joy+keys combo is unplayable).  However, I doubt Tomchi will want to waste his valuable time coding this when it's unlikely to be used (I imagine that most people will play it via steem with the jagpad mapping under the joystick options).

For those who lack a jagpad, and don't want to spend 15 to buy one on fleabay, I'm hoping to get a cheap adapter for the STE Enhanced Joystick Port manufactured via Alison so that a three button genesis/megadrive pad can be used, and possibly ship these (and a controller) with a 'deluxe' boxed version of the game (at cost price - this is a non-profit project), or just have them available for sale at the time of release. These adapters will also be compatible with reservoir gods releases (and the small number of other games out there that support the STE EJP).

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