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Message started by Christos on 27.03.10 at 11:43:10

Title: Re: Quick Extract 0.4 source code.
Post by Christos on 15.03.12 at 02:35:21
He he, experience! ;)

Don't worry nothing seems pretentious and indeed it will look a lot better instead of the mess it is now. I am a bit worried in introducing new commands in case ( ;) )it breaks compatibility with the firebee but I will give it a shot for the next version. The exec trick i didn't know at all and that's a pretty good suggestion.
Now that I see the code again i feel like I don't have to have the ending alert in all commands and I should just have one before the end.. That would save a few bytes in program size :D

P.S. The power of really free software!

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