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Message started by yerzmyey on 29.04.10 at 22:41:02

Title: Shadow of the Beast and others
Post by yerzmyey on 29.04.10 at 22:41:02
Hi there.
Well, Your work is incredibly impressive - I would never even say it's possible. ;)
But YES - most of the games work on Falcon030. ;) 90% maybe.
However guys from atari-forum suggested I should ask here about several weird cases.
My question is about games:

Shadow of the Beast,
Another World,
Goblins 1,
Goblins 2,
Jim Power.

Sadly they don't work on (my only?) Falcon 030 4MB (a CF card 4Gb instead of HDD).

I tried with CTRL and without and so on. They stop loading on some point.

Maybe You could help?

PS: As for the "Shadow...", I noticed there's only one sotb file (except the loader) - sotb1.gnn but I checked out on PlanetEmu and the game has 2 disks. Hm...?

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