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Message started by yerzmyey on 29.04.10 at 22:41:02

Title: Re: Shadow of the Beast and others
Post by ggn on 02.05.10 at 20:14:44
Hi there,

I've been away the past few days (see other posts), so only now I had a chance to see this.

yerzmyey wrote on 29.04.10 at 22:41:02:
Shadow of the Beast,
Another World,
Goblins 1,
Goblins 2,
Jim Power.

Please be more specific. Each game is its own case. I can't track these things down using clairvoyance. Just writing "game xxx doesn't work" can't possibly help me because, hey, they worked on our machines before releasing (and we are talking about 5 falcons, 2 mstes, 1 tt and various others). Describe for each game what's happening, what executable are you clicking and what do you see (or don't) to declare them non-working. Also, it's usually irrelevant, but try to start them from low resolution.

yerzmyey wrote on 29.04.10 at 22:41:02:
Sadly they don't work on (my only?) Falcon 030 4MB (a CF card 4Gb instead of HDD).

I tried with CTRL and without and so on. They stop loading on some point.

Maybe You could help?

See above. Also, please give us more info. What hard driver are you using? TOS version?

yerzmyey wrote on 29.04.10 at 22:41:02:
PS: As for the "Shadow...", I noticed there's only one sotb file (except the loader) - sotb1.gnn but I checked out on PlanetEmu and the game has 2 disks. Hm...?

That's not a problem, the automation version was packed down into 1 disk - so you have the whole game in less space than the rest of the versions circulating.

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