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Message started by Marskilla on 14.05.10 at 15:24:12

Post by Marskilla on 14.05.10 at 15:24:12
Hi There,

I started a new project on my own : STQUIZZ. Up to here the program is about 75% ready.

As a young father (and of course without free time), to mimimize the coding time, I made it in STOS, and therefore the program is technichally very weak.

I've no time to maintain the synchro for a team realisation, I do it alone. It's obvious the result will be less interesting than picrossST, the last project I worked on.

about 75% of the program is ready (there is a french preview here http://stquizz.free.fr ). But I can feel my motivation disappear as the biggest part of work is to come (the questions and the english translation).

So i'd like to have your opinion on what's made so far.

The idea is to have the less bitmap possible for stquizz to work on a 512k machine. I've taken the option of digitized sounds.

Also, I am a BAD musician.

the game is played this way : the question is displayed then the 1 to 4 players have to use their buzzers to answer, then the answers appear. A good answer give the point a bas one take them of the player score.

So do you think it's worth that I keep on working on it or is it dispendable ?

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