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Message started by Marskilla on 14.05.10 at 15:24:12

Title: Re: STQUIZZ
Post by sh3-rg on 14.05.10 at 15:30:54
hehe, I'd like to see this :)

I had the same idea but stimpy didn't fancy trying to make them work on the Falcon for me...

my idea was to take screen shots, video & chip tunes from the ST & mods/ace tracks etc form the falcon & have general knowledge questions in text form also... have a round where a picture displays blocky & slowly displays more & more details, just straight 'guess the music quickest', round where you all press answers but the correct ones are only revealed afterwards, one at a time, for fun seeing who made lame choices :P Lots of other ideas & no time to even start work on it beyond making notes in my book. I would obviously have used STOS, too, as it's the best for quickly making lotech proggies, but with the Falcon extension. Then there would have been no limit to the number of images/audio files etc that could be included. From a code perspective, it would have been pretty simple, it was the techy stuff making the PS Buzzers work that put me off from even starting - without these it didn't seem much fun, just pressing A B or C on a jagpad... I wanted the light & the 4 coloured buttons :)

I'll check the game so far & post again over the weekend when I've looked.

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