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Message started by Heavy Stylus on 20.05.10 at 08:19:26

Title: Re: Graphics Rip Request (for pc remake) - Please Help
Post by Heavy Stylus on 28.06.10 at 07:08:05
What are you lolling about, GGN?  Anyway, added the ability to strafe (X), added extra fire keys (Y & C, Y for german keyboards, and C for people who prefer the strafe key to be on the left of fire) and fixed a few bugs.

Anyway, received the final artwork today, so I have about an hours work tonight and the final will be OUT!

(There will however be an inevitable 1.1 update with integrated joypad control.)

Thanks again GGN for the help with the gfx.  It's a shame this doesn't count as a scene release, as I would have loved to see it on pouet. :P

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