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Message started by Heavy Stylus on 20.05.10 at 08:19:26

Title: Re: Graphics Rip Request (for pc remake) - Please Help
Post by ggn on 28.06.10 at 14:51:40

Heavy Stylus wrote on 28.06.10 at 14:03:54:
Ah, I just thought you were laughing at my lameness! ;)

The reason I say that I think robotz doesn't count as a proper scene release is because it's written in a game making programming language, like stos but on the pc.

But I suppose I could promote it as a filler release while r0x zer0 is still being completed! ;)

So, I suppose you never heard of OSDM then? :)

Look it up - you'll find reason enough to consider robotz a scene release ;)

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