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Message started by Heavy Stylus on 21.07.10 at 13:02:30

Title: SNDH Recommendations?
Post by Heavy Stylus on 21.07.10 at 13:02:30
SHW, this one is for you ;) [smiley=vuvuzela.gif]

OK, so I used a selection of 505, Damo and Crazy Q tracks in my Robotz DX game, and now I'm after recommendations for other music that I should check out.

I have spoken to Nils (505) and he has given the OK to use some of his blubbersongs in the follow-up game, but I'd love to hear some music by other artists in the same kind of chopped up funk style that CQ, Damo and 505 have perfected.

Any suggestions of tracks, or artists that I should check out from the sndh archive?  I am relatively new to the whole SNDH scene to be honest...

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