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Message started by Steven Seagal on 02.10.10 at 15:36:12

Title: emulator based on WinSTon source
Post by Steven Seagal on 02.10.10 at 15:36:12
I'm trying to improve on WinSTon. The author of WinSTon gave some hints beside the source, and I'm (slowly) working on them, beside making it a more C++ (even MFC) program, and of course understanding the whole thing.
I asked some simple questions at atari-forum but could get no answer, so I try my luck here just in case, with the same handle.

- What I'd like to get is some examples of games or demos that don't run in WinSTon but run in Steem.

- Is it a good idea to replace the 68000 emulation with Fame or Mame emulation (Hatari took the WinUAE, apparently)? Is WinSTon's 68000 notoriously broken? My first choice is to work on the WinSTon core, adding somehow the missing timing info.

- Is it a good idea to (try to) replace sound rendering with something like sc68? Is there a kit somewhere that sounds as good as Steem?

- Do you think an Assembler emulation isn't necessary with fast computers? (mine is a 1,7 GHZ Pentium M laptop) Do you know if Steem emulation is C++ instead of assembler?

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