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Message started by ggn on 22.01.11 at 14:53:17

Title: Pepsi mad mix game
Post by ggn on 22.01.11 at 14:53:17
Geez, where do I start? This game's a train wreck any way you see it!

In its essence, it's a Pacman clone. But "Oh!", the developers thought, "Pacman has been done to death. Wouldn't it be OSSOM to pimp it up a little? It'd hide our programming ineptitude at the very least!" So, away they went, designing what in my opinion is one of the most incoherent games ever.

Would you like dots? Scrolling playfield? Pills? One-way paths? Some icon that turns you into a rhinoceros (at least I think it's a rhino)? A horizontal strip that once you go in you turn into a spaceship point upwards and firing uncontrollably? You got all of them!

Admittedly, a couple of these ideas are actually pretty clever. But...

It plays like shite :)

Take a look at the screenies. They look awful, right? Well, the framerate doesn't help a lot - the gfx look like random splotches of tiles slugging along. And what can one say about the sound? Both music and sfx are totally horrible. And like I already said, it plays like crap. If you are a bit persistent and willing to overlook the total sluggishness of this thing, you might even see a game in there. But sadly, even on a TT, it's still slow and crap.

I wonder if Pepsi acknowledge ever endorsing this game. Anyone willing to find out? :P

P.S. I showed this game at Outline 2010 with (IIRC) sh3, Nerve, Partycle and possible a couple more. It was really fun watching one of the aforementioned people, who usually keeps a calm face, going "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS???" once I deliberately went into the "space ship" zone :).

(This game has already been patched for hard drive and 030 machines, you can find it at the "patches" section).
pepsi_001.png ( 14 KB | Downloads )
pepsi_002.png ( 7 KB | Downloads )
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Title: Re: Pepsi mad mix game
Post by Shw on 22.01.11 at 17:21:31
I'm sure Pepsi did a competition and the winning game got released .....

this was the result!

trying to find some evidence on the net.


Title: Re: Pepsi mad mix game
Post by sh3-rg on 23.01.11 at 14:39:30
Hey, back in the day I thought this game was quite interesting! And like most people I had it on that nice menu full of games... so many goodies on one disk - it was amazing :D

Title: Re: Pepsi mad mix game
Post by MitchFrenzal on 23.01.11 at 16:32:11
My version of this on said menu never worked, Having had the C64 version, I was almost glad. :) (It also had one of those amazing Jet Set Willy-esque bugs where you couldn't finish level 5, until one of the old C64 groups fixed it.)

Title: Re: Pepsi mad mix game
Post by MitchFrenzal on 23.01.11 at 16:35:10
And Shw, I'm not so sure of that, The 64 and ZX versions were programmed by the normal Toposoft team, (Jesus Medina, Etc.) So I'm thinking it was only meant for Spanish release. (And GG, It *is* a rhino.)

Title: Re: Pepsi mad mix game
Post by Jake-Depression on 23.01.11 at 22:17:30
When i was kid i liked MSX-version very much. Need someday look it again.

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