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Message started by Shw on 07.03.11 at 17:11:41

Title: Re: Solomon's Key
Post by ggn on 13.03.11 at 21:04:43

simonsunnyboy wrote on 13.03.11 at 20:54:46:

ggn wrote on 13.03.11 at 19:06:00:

MitchFrenzal wrote on 13.03.11 at 18:45:03:
Also, Simon. :)


Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt! Wrong spherical :)

Yes indeed. I remember being surprised that this D-Bug release was not the purple wizard one. I wasn't aware about a title's reuse for different games.

Actually a few years ago I was looking for that particular spherical (and not the purple wizard one), only to have people point me to the purple wizard one!

(I was curious, I've seen the demo level from st format and wanted to see if they sped it up in the final. Guess I had high hopes of that :P)

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