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Message started by MitchFrenzal on 28.08.11 at 13:58:21

Title: Re: Jupiter's Masterdrive, Joystick issues in STEem.
Post by HuHah on 16.09.11 at 15:09:21

MitchFrenzal wrote on 28.08.11 at 13:58:21:
This may just be the way I set STEem up, But if you play JMD, Start the game, Play the first race (Doesn't matter which one.)
Then play the second race. The joystick input seems to flake out half-way through, (As in, No response at all.) As I said though, This could indeed just be a STEem bug. :)

Steem bug, but game can be patched so that bug will not occur.

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