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Message started by MitchFrenzal on 07.10.11 at 16:00:59

Title: Lombard answers, It'll make your life easier. :)
Post by MitchFrenzal on 07.10.11 at 16:00:59

1.  What is curious about the Cadet GSI?
    B: It has a second footbrake.
2.  Who won the 1980 Lombard R.A.C. Rally?
    B: H. Toivonen & P. White.
3.  The Ypres Rally in Belgium is held over?
    A: 24 hours.
4.  Which company provided the tyres for the 1988 Lombard R.A.C. Rally?
    A: Pirelli.
5.  Where is Nuremburg 24 Rally held?
    B: Germany.
6.  How long has Lombard sponsered the rally?
    C: 14 years.
7.  Who won the 1977 Olympus Rally?
    C: Ron Richardson.
8.  How many levels are the R.A.C. M.S.A. Rallies held over?
    B: Five graded levels.
9.  What is the nationality of the driver Kenith Erikson?
    A: Swedish.
10. Carne De Passage is?
    C: A customs document.
11. How many times has the Ford Escort won the Lombard R.A.C. Rally?
    B: Eight.
12. What is the overall length of the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth?
    B: 4.46 metres.
13. During what decade did the Lombard R.A.C. Rally not run?
    A: 1940 - 1950.
14. Who won the 17th New Zealand Rally?
    C: Franz Whittingham.
15. Which car won the first World Championship Rally for Group A cars?
    C: Lancia.
16. How much does a Peugeot 205 GTi weigh?
    A: 880 kg.
17. Franz Whittingham was the first Austrian to?
    B: Win a World Rally.
18. Which is the only Rally with more than one starting point?
    A: Monte Carlo.
19. The time spent between arrival control and the stage start is
    known as?
    B: Dead time.
20. Part of the 1987 Rally was run at Clumber Park. In which county
    is this park in?
    B: Nottinghamshire.
21. A B.M.W. group A car is available in kit form, it is?
    A: M3.
22. How many times has the Mini won the Rally?
    A: 1.
23. In what year was the Rally cancelled due to foot and mouth
    B: 1967.
24. What is the R.A.C. British Motorsport's Yearbook known as?
    A: The Blue Book.
25. The Japanese Supra 3.0i had which problem in the 1987 Safari
    A: Overheating.
26. How many Marshalls are involved in the running of the Rally?
    C: 15,000.
27. Who was the 1987 Soviet Union national champion?
    C: Ilmar Rossier.
28. The Nissan 200sx made its first European Rally appearence in?
    A: Greece.
29. What is the Targa system?
    B: A route timing system.
30. Who won the seventh Malborough Rally of Argentina?
    C: Mickey Biassion.
31. Are two-way radios allowed between crews and service-crews?
    A: Yes.
32. What was the maximum number of starters allowed in the 1988
    Lombard R.A.C. Rally?
    B: 180.
33. What is the alternative route defining system known as?
    C: The Tulip Card.
34. What is the engine size of the Ford RS Cosworth?
    B: 1993cc.
35. What is the R.A.C. M.S.A. speed limit in road Rallys?
    A: 30mph.
36. Which manufacturer won the 1987 R.A.C. Rally?
    B: Lancia.
37. Who was the first driver to participate in 100 W.C.R. events?
    A: Hannu Mikoia.
38. Lancia won the Monte Carlo Rally with Aereia in?
    B: 1954.

Title: Re: Lombard answers, It'll make your life easier. :)
Post by MitchFrenzal on 07.10.11 at 16:02:05
There you go. Simple as that. No more losing all your money on wrong answers. Enjoy!

Title: Re: Lombard answers, It'll make your life easier. :)
Post by Klapauzius on 07.10.11 at 16:56:30
Nice one Mitch. :)

OTOH .... you could just use the "Start with cash" trainer in that latest version. ;)

Title: Re: Lombard answers, It'll make your life easier. :)
Post by MitchFrenzal on 09.10.11 at 13:57:07
You could, But if you want to do it clean, (Like I did.) These will help. :)

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