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Message started by MitchFrenzal on 12.10.11 at 15:38:26

Title: Re: Bugs I have found lately (All HD STEem/4mb/206)
Post by MitchFrenzal on 25.10.11 at 14:31:45
Don't think the TOS was to blame, But I've found the culprit for at least half of them, Sometimes my joypad sticks in the up position when idle. (I only realised this when playing with something with a joypad reader thingy.) So. Consider these off the list, (Unless you like to hold up during loading.)

The Dizzy games, Live and let die, Murder, Predator 2 and Torvak.

F1GP works fine, After working out the password.

Gobliins 1 - The answer to the protection is always "blue"

Navy moves - Seems to work if you turn the ramdisk on. (it's off as default.)

Hope that quells the alarm bells for a few moments. :)

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