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Message started by official ninja on 14.11.11 at 04:38:31

Title: Snoopy
Post by official ninja on 14.11.11 at 04:38:31
Hey I found that Snoopy gets an error , 3 bombs about 20 minutes into the game on the MSTE at 8 or 16 mhz.

I played the game from floppy on my STfm and it did not get this error.

The error happens when you give the kite to Charlie Brown and he falls down and drops a key. 3 BOMBS!

You can watch this longplay. It happens at 20:07. I was playing along with it doing everything that happens in the video.

BTW- I am running HDDriver now. Newest version since I just purchased it Saturday. It is set the way recommended here in the forums. (999 in the cache)

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