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Message started by simonsunnyboy on 25.11.11 at 15:44:16

Title: Re: Kobayashi Maru
Post by Saviour on 26.11.11 at 00:43:41

CJ wrote on 26.11.11 at 00:04:41:

simonsunnyboy wrote on 25.11.11 at 15:44:16:
Is a Falcon or even STE port planned?

Nope, sorry. Got zero interest in ST development these days. Done everything on that machine I've ever wanted to do.

:( And that only because of that hungarian guy together with his followers? A sad day for the Atari community. :(

On the other side, very nice game. I saw the Videos and read the text, but didn't download it yet. I will do when i have more time, but for now i can say *Thanks* for the game and the effort you put into the Atari Stuff still. Well done, and keep up the quality work, DBug! Always one of my favs. Miss you on the Atari Computers, but i am really happy for Downfall for the Falcon. :)

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