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Message started by Steven Seagal on 20.12.11 at 21:57:40

Title: Beyond demo by Kruz
Post by Steven Seagal on 20.12.11 at 21:57:40
Hi dudes. Maybe your remember I used to look at WinSTon improving, a track I abandoned when the Steem source was released. Maybe you know I'm one of the dudes who try to improve on Steem.
Here's the dedicated site in any case:

I call on you because I'm in a fix. I (think I) improved prefetch in Steem, and I thought it would make Beyond by Kruz load, but it still doesn't work, now I wonder if this was the right way.
You have released a version that's OK in Steem, so maybe you know what's going on? Certainly it's the protection. What could be the problem?

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