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Message started by Steven Seagal on 20.12.11 at 21:57:40

Title: Re: Beyond demo by Kruz
Post by Steven Seagal on 22.12.11 at 08:45:04

ggn wrote on 21.12.11 at 21:05:26:
Before I did that though I discovered that turning pasti on while the demo was booting fixed the problem and the demo booted normally.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, but Pasti doesn't work for me, at least the versions I tried (Pouet & Atarimania).
I am looking at prefetch because:
- Saint 2.14 mentions it making Beyond work.
- It works in Hatari 1.5 with option 'Slower but more compatible CPU' which implies prefetch IMO.
But I tried it with SainT, it doesn't work either. Maybe I'm just cursed.

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