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Message started by MitchFrenzal on 18.04.12 at 15:45:04

Title: Automation #006
Post by MitchFrenzal on 18.04.12 at 15:45:04
Better dead than alien

A lot of people have often said to me, that I spend an enormous amount of time playing some awful games, they're right of course. But it puts me right where i need to be for this one. :)

We are talking about "Brad Zoom in : Better Dead Than Alien"

I have no idea who Brad Zoom is, so we shall leave that there. :) This is a 1(or 2) player mostly space-invaders clone with some extra bells and whistles and such. On each stage you get two space invaders style levels and then something different (A super-alien maybe, an asteroid field?) There a range of 8 power-ups that you can glean from shooting the green glowing aliens, (If I remember rightly, most of them are useless sans extra lives and shields. :) ) Every three levels you get a password so you can start from there later, (I used this option to pretty much finish this at the time.)

There are some troubles to this, The sound is awful, I mean a title tune wouldn't have cost that much, would it? Oh, that and the fact the game rewards you slightly for not firing too much, This is not what I want! I want layers of rainbow-electric death flying across the screen! That and you can shoot the blasted power-ups. It's not the best game of it's type, but I kind of enjoyed it back then, I even played it for 45 minutes getting this review together. At worst, It's worth a  few minutes to see what shooters used to be like. :)
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