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Message started by ggn on 18.04.12 at 17:00:02

Title: Re: Automation #018
Post by ggn on 23.04.12 at 18:15:57
Dragon Lord

Now, this is a game where the term "compiled STOS crap" really hits the mark.

Where do I even begin? Variable frame rate depending on whether there's too much action on-sceen or a sample is played? Totally unreliable collision detection where doing the same moves will yield in a different result? End-of-game-boss-fight where you have absolutely no idea what to do? (hit the boss before the music ends and it's game over, hit him after the music ends and it's again game over. How to detect the exact moment to strike? Not a friggin' clue, even if the boss starts flashing at the end of the music!). Not to mention that you can finish all the levels using mostly a single move (SPOILER ALERT!!! Simply keep fire pressed and down-right. Amazing, huh? No rock, throwing star, spear, enemy can withstand this awesome move! No matter if what is attacking you is 40 pixels lower than the hit point of that punch, it'll still die! Well, you have to jump a few times by moving the joystick up/right and then immediately moving it down-right again! Amazing gameplay, right?)

I understand there was a lot of work that went into making this game, making all those frames of animation and backgrounds etc. But the result is really sub-par, it either needed recoding in some more efficient language or scrapping altogether. And of course the gameplay needed a massive tuning up. What can I say, I simply think it should never have been released at this state...

(Bonus trivia: the sample that's played when you die? Enter the dragon with Bruce lee, the moment that he hits that bearded guy in the nuts? "Arrrrgh-gh-gh-ghhh-ghhhhhh" :))
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