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Message started by ggn on 27.04.12 at 18:55:41

Title: Re: Automation #028
Post by aktiv8 on 28.04.12 at 16:42:31
Frost Byte

Take a slinky-like alien and put him in a game and you get Frost Byte from Mikro Gen.  Once you've mastered the controls and ensuring you are pointing the right way to fire as you drop in front of a monster, this game can be enjoyable but equally be frustrating if you are not pixel perfect in your timing.  And the game is exactly about that - it's not a fast and furious game, instead a steady, methodical and movement timing game.

It's far from a game that you would tell everyone to play, but once loaded has that "just one more go" factor which probably something about it its quirky qualities
A_028_011.bmp ( 187 KB | Downloads )
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