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Message started by ggn on 27.04.12 at 18:55:41

Title: Re: Automation #028
Post by ggn on 28.04.12 at 16:44:21

Woohoo, another Paradox game :)

And, guess what, we've even Falcon fixed this :). The bad thing is, I can't really add much more to my review of ST-Protector, the variation is that the sprite is at the bottom and enemies come in waves from the above. Clear each wave and you progress to the next one. Oh, there's also some powerups here and there, just pick up a sprite that is the same as your ship for moar firepowa!

And, because they use the same font for hi scores as ST Protector, I thought I'd take a snapshot of it, as it's much more interesting than the game itself! Enjoy!

auto028_001.png ( 4 KB | Downloads )

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