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Message started by ggn on 27.04.12 at 18:55:41

Title: Re: Automation #028
Post by simonsunnyboy on 14.05.12 at 16:17:40
XENON - ohhh the memories :)

To put it short, it is my favourite shooter from the before-syncscroll era on the ST.

The player controls a flying craft that can transform into a ground attack vehicle in some levels. The goal of the game is simple, blast all the enemy installations and crafts and kill the bosses.

You can collect collect various powerups with F being the most important. Although it is labelled F like fuel it actually replenishes the shields.

The graphics are polished and make perfect use out of the STF greyscales available. The levels are varied and the Whittaker soundtrack is just gorgeous to listen to.

If you like straight scrolling shooting games, this one is a great classic and should not be missed on the ST!  8-)

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