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Message started by ggn on 29.04.12 at 18:03:15

Title: Re: Automation #043
Post by aktiv8 on 29.04.12 at 19:20:40

What a curious game and that quirkiness and curiosity is its charm and addictiveness.  The task is simple - get your arachnid to the teleporter, the catch?  The catch is that you have to overcome a series of holes to get there.  Fill each hole with a coloured square, the trouble is the order is set and you can only do it one square at a time. Perhaps sounds a bit boring, but trust me it's not  -  coupled with the time limit and "bubbles of doom" that wander around, of course being a spider it's easy enough to drop a web to catch an enemy, alas your webs are temporary and new bubbles come to replaces those caught. So take my advice, home the reflexes and just plan to out run and dodge them

Overall a novel, quirky and fun game
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