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Message started by ggn on 22.05.12 at 16:22:04

Title: Re: Automation #097
Post by aktiv8 on 22.05.12 at 21:00:05

I admit I was never a fan of this game. Whilst others raved about it I just thought "meh".  However replaying now I have fallen for its charms this time around

A scramble/chopperlifter hybrid, control your craft to destroy the buildings on each planet and land to rescue your oids, once you have then return to the mothership and go rescue another colony elsewhere.  Sounds easy, but of course the physics of your craft make it a bot more tricky as does the landscape.

Grpahics are basic but you don't need more - anything more would detract from the game, sound is average, but the animations are nice (check out the arm waving oids) and gameplay, I must admit, is really catching - you always want one more go...

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