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Message started by ggn on 14.06.12 at 19:50:52

Title: Re: Automation #120
Post by simonsunnyboy on 21.08.12 at 16:04:43
Rick Dangerous - yes this is the known classic on this disk. But I can't resist to review this game.

The player controls Rick Dangerous around several levels and solves Indiana Jones styled puzzles.
Scenery is diverse, beginning with Amazonian jungles and caves, pyramids in Egypt, a Nazi castle and finally a futuristic missile base.

Shoot baddies with the handgun, blast obstacles with dynamite, jump around and find the right ladder to climb down or some devious trap will fire and kill you.

Enough said, it is just addictive.

Some people claim the game is unfair und totally hard. I personally love it even with its steep difficulty curve. All movements are predictable at all times. So any fault (and thus loss of life) is definitly on the player's end.

The game also has marvellous digi sound and beautifully drawn sprites and background tiles.

Anyone who never ever player Rick Dangerous should definitly give this a go.

One of my personal favourites since 1990, on all platforms  :)

*EDIT* As a side note, the disk version on the LGD CDROM does not like STE configs. Will this be fixed for the release version?

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