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Message started by ggn on 01.06.13 at 14:04:37

Title: Automation #136
Post by ggn on 01.06.13 at 14:04:37

Great Giana Sisters by Rainbow Arts, Crack by Boss

Kennedy Approach by Microprose, Crack by 42 Crew

APB by Tengen, Crack by The Law

Blaster by PD, Crack by The Law

Mission En Rafaele by FIL, Crack by Boss

Title: Re: Automation #136
Post by simonsunnyboy on 15.06.13 at 11:47:42
Great Giana Sisters brings very nice memories to me.

Regardless who you ask, people keep telling "The ST version doesn't scroll and thus must be utter shit."

I tend to judge agame by its appeal and playability instead. So what do we have here?

The homecomputer conversion of Super Mario Bros => CHECK
Nicely drawn and animated sprites => CHECK
Fluid 2VBL graphics with screenflipping => CHECK
Nice digi intro music for 1988 standards and good YM ingame music => CHECK
Savable highscores => CHECK
Controls are responding good => CHECK
Fair level layout => Errm NOPE  :'(
(The player must learn how to decide correctly at a few spots, otherwise you end up at locations were you cannot go through, e.q. fires you cannot cross without having the raindrop)

So only retards can throw it away without having actually played the game. One of the best jumpers on the ST, get it!

Personal not on scrolling vs flipscreens: I have played the C64 and Amiga conversions too. In my opinion the flipscreens allow for a lot tigther control of the progress, esp in later levels were all wits do count. Due to the flip I always found the ST version to be the most playable of all major versions!

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