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Message started by ggn on 16.06.13 at 16:44:11

Title: Automation #144
Post by ggn on 16.06.13 at 16:44:11

Forgotten Worlds by Arc Development, Crack by Andy The Arfling

Hard 'n' Heavy by Reline, Crack by Ozzwald

Title: Re: Automation #144
Post by spkr on 22.02.15 at 15:52:27
Forgotten Worlds

The background story of this games leaves a lot left to the imagination. The game starts off with one guy saying
`Did you find the guy' to which the other guy responds `I will finish you today for sure', after which the
player is left floating in the air armed with a gun. It seems we are floating around through a per-pixel
horizontal scrolling shooter. Only the occaisional star in the sky gives a hint of parallax scrolling; whereas none
is found in the normal scenery.
The player can move freely horizontally and vertically across the screen. Holding the fire button and moving horizontally
will adjust the fire direction in the usual 8 direction. This changing direction of fire takes some time getting used to,
to say the least. Other than the steep learning curve, Forgotten Worlds contains the usual aspects one may aspect of a shooter.
Enemies come in waves, and those that are finished completely drop some form of currency that can be used in shops to buy better
equipment. Each level is finished with an end-boss; so again, no suprises here. Its a bit of a letdown that one has to choose
between sound or music and not both.
All in all, an entertaining shooter, but not outstanding.

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Title: Re: Automation #144
Post by spkr on 22.02.15 at 18:00:31
Hard 'n Heavy

Hard 'n Heavy is a platformer. Rather than having scrolling levels, the levels are made per-screen. Moving to the left or right hand side of the screen moves towards the previous/next screen.

You are armed with weapon, which you can change by various powerups found in the level (starting with a bomb, upgraded to flamethrower etc). These seem to be the only means to kill enemies, since jumping on top of the critters wont seem to help, but rather loses you a life.

Im not a big fan of platformers like these, but the regular stuff seems to apply; hidden bonus gems in floor/level tiles; secrets that you can discover, and timebonus achieved for each level that you finish quickly.

Again, Im not a fan, so furthermore; no comment.

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