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Message started by ggn on 02.01.14 at 18:06:09

Title: Re: Automation #145
Post by spkr on 22.02.15 at 18:13:08
Time Runner

Another platformer... Great. This game follows a rather different approach than the Hard 'n Heavy. Instead of having a weapon
to shoot critters, platform tiles to smash to find hidden gems and being able to jump to cross crevasses; all you have in this
game is a Jet-pack. Using this, you have to navigate through screens (nonscrolling, and thus per-screen levels), while dodging
creatures and other obstacles. In this case, _everything_ but horizontal tiles are obstacles.

If you touch an enemy you lose energy, if you touch the ceiling, you lose energy, and even when you touch the staircase...
you guessed it, you lose energy.

While navigating the levels, it seems you need to obtain keys that can open doors. Behind these doors are so-called `Teezels',
the little guys you need to rescue.

Crappy game, not my cup of tea.
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