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Message started by ggn on 11.01.14 at 11:56:15

Title: Automation #147
Post by ggn on 11.01.14 at 11:56:15

Altered Beast by Activision, Crack by Ozzwald

Gold of the Realm by Magnetic Images, Crack by Sharaz Jek

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Title: Re: Automation #147
Post by spkr on 25.02.15 at 18:04:07
Altered Beast

This is an arcade game which I could not figure out how to advance. For some reason it starts a 2 player game for me, and since the 2nd player does not want to move, I could not progress the game.

Your fighter knows a few limiting moves, including lying on the ground and sticking up a leg. You can upgrade your moves by some power ups which allow you to add some fire (?) to your punches, which I assume deal more damage.

The game features both sound and effects at the same time and even has some digitized sounds like speech. It seems like a fun game, but I didnt get too far. If you're into this stuff, perhaps double dragon or a similar game is a better choice.

auto147_00003.bmp ( 1351 KB | Downloads )

Title: Re: Automation #147
Post by spkr on 25.02.15 at 18:11:06
Gold of the Realm

This game looks very promising at first. The game seems like an isometric adventuregame. You move the character with the joystick and quickly wander into a structure (Castle?), where you navigate through a maze with staircases and closed doors.

The purpose of the game and its goal are not too clear to me, but you seem to progress by finding items and exploring the maps. Once in a while some ghost haunts you and when it touches you, you lose some health; which in its turn can be replenished by eating found food.

The game supports a save feature that indicates that it requires some gametime to finish the whole game (and perhaps figure out what the goal is :)).

I failed to find out how one could fight. Perhaps an item like a sword needs to be obtained first, but I found this feature to be severely lacking.
auto147_00005.bmp ( 1351 KB | Downloads )

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