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Message started by elpe on 30.10.14 at 22:35:45

Title: Re: D-Bug CD 20 intro
Post by ggn on 03.11.14 at 18:32:33

elpe wrote on 30.10.14 at 22:35:45:
Hi there,


elpe wrote on 30.10.14 at 22:35:45:
I am an old ST gamer and I have a question on D-Bug CD 20.
I was wondering about the song used for the intro.
When I look it up in the d-bug database, it says:

Code: Cyrano Jones
Graphics: Xerud
Music: Enchanted Land by Mad Max

When I was looking to learn more about Enchanted Land by Mad Max (Jochen Hippel) I found this page: http://home.wtal.de/gmb/Hippel/hippelm.htm

The direct link to enchanted_lands.mp3 is: http://strider.mjjprod.free.fr/mp3/enchanted_lands.mp3

But that song does not match with the song used for the D-Bug CD 20 intro.

That is actually the level 1 tune from the game. I can't find a mp3 recording of the titles, but you can make your own one: Just download Jam 2.1 from Cream, and then grab the sndh file. Load that file on Winjam, select the tune you want, press record, wait for the tune to play once and then press stop. You just got yourself a wav file of the tune :).

elpe wrote on 30.10.14 at 22:35:45:
Since I would like to use the song for a video, I just want to make contact with the composer to ask for permission.

I'm pretty sure he's on Facebook if you have a search for him, and I don't think he minds much about his music being used. Though dropping a message to him will certainly brighten his day, I'm sure :)

elpe wrote on 30.10.14 at 22:35:45:
Can anyone help me on this?

Hope I did :).

elpe wrote on 30.10.14 at 22:35:45:
Thanks & best wishes

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