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Life's A Bitch Demo (Read 146 times)
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Life's A Bitch Demo
11.05.08 at 13:15:12
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Hi, me again.  Posting here because I think this demo uses ULS...

What files are needed from DBug 188v2 to install this fully on HD?  I don't want to clutter my drive with parts of Journey To The Centre... if possible.  I've copied over the LAB* files, but the PRG still tries to access A:

Any help would be appreciated, as always Smiley
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Re: Life's A Bitch Demo
Reply #1 - 11.05.08 at 20:44:14
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Hi there,

I just copied all the lab*.* files over to my mste on a folder on C: called LAB, ran lab.prg, and, behold, it worked Smiley

In what point exactly does it try to access the floppy?

[EDIT] It turns out that it was Teradesk's fault. Smiley
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