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ULSv311 (Read 89 times)
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22.12.08 at 08:00:12
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New build nearing completion.

I've spent several hours today and previously improving and bugfixing....  here's a shortlist of some of the things implemented:

  • The cache control is now working correctly - This means we can now use the cache on/off options when calling ULS without the whole system locking up on 68030 systems.  (Translation: F1GP on Falcon/TT just got NITRO BOOST!)
  • ICDTools lockup when using ULS to replace gemdos routines (yeah, rare....) fixed by disabling the VBL-Queue routines during ULS_init. (Thanks Klaz!)
  • Multiple DATA directory support (Fixes 'same filename, different file' syndrome on multidisk games)
  • Locate file in ramdisk (Handy for letting ULS deal with keeping the TFMX files safe...)
  • Extra debug information during ULS_init (Using C_CONWS for output)

There's a few other things, but these are the major changes.
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