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My msys/mingw compiler install (for compiling Virtual Jaguar etc) (Read 1828 times)
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My msys/mingw compiler install (for compiling Virtual Jaguar etc)
11.07.11 at 18:13:51
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Right, me little diamonds, here it is - almost half a gig of my abominations Smiley. What's in there? Well,

  • msys, which is a unixey shell for windows
  • mingw with gcc 4.5.1 (so it's a recent version, kindof)
  • svn
  • the source of vj, and all supporting libs compiled and ready
  • prolly a few more things that I forget Smiley

DISCLAIMER: I haven't done this again and what I'm suggesting below is a good educated guess on what should be trouble-free installation, you're doing this at your own risk of course! I think that nothing bad can go wrong but you can never know with these things - you have been warned! Before I forget, my PC is running Windows XP 32-bit with SP3, and I'm running it as Administrator. Also, I have tortoisesvn installed, which was used for the initial check out of the vj source as the command line was barfing out (after that though I have no probs using the command line version - your mileage might vary on that too).

So, what to do? I guess downloading the archive would be a good first step Wink. UnRAR it to C:\ and after a few minutes you will have around 2.4gigs of things under the folder MSYS. It would be possible to relocate this in another location, but I'm not sure I know all the paths to change, so I'd recommend putting it there. Before starting, you ought to add the following environment variables to your system:

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PATH=%path%;c:\msys\1.0\mingw\bin\;c:\msys\1.0\home\Administrator\vjdeps\Qt\bin\;C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin 

If you're adding those to your system, you'll modify the PATH string, just include
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;c:\msys\1.0\mingw\bin\;c:\msys\1.0\home\Administrator\vjdeps\Qt\bin\;C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin 

there, not the whole string I have above. If you don't wish to do this, you could edit c:\msys\1.0\msys.bat and add those 3 strings there (I assume adding them at the top of the file should be sufficient). The later method has the added bonus of being 100% portable (yeah I know, I could have added this stuff before archiving my setup, but, well... Tongue). One last thing I should mention, my home folder is c:\msys\1.0\home\Administrator\. This might mean that msys creates its home folder depending on the name of the account you're logging on windows. If what I write below doesn't work, try renaming the "administrator" folder to your username's.

After this, you should be able to start MSYS properly by running c:\msys\1.0\msys.bat (put a shortcut to your desktop or favorite launcher if you prefer too). If all went well, the default terminal (rxvt) should start and await for your commands Smiley. If all went well, typing 'dir' and pressing enter should give you something like:

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So, without fear or passion, type:

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cd vj
svn update

This goes to the vj dir, fetches the latest source from trunk and compiles it. If all goes well, after a lot of compiler messages the output will stop and you'll see a happy message saying "success!". Well, pat yourself in the back, you've just built vj Smiley. It's located in the debug/ directory, and if you like you can use the command 'strip' to remove debugging information (i.e. 5 megs of junk Tongue).

Well, that's about it more or less. I really hope this is useful for somebody and it'll run without much fuss on your system. Good luck!
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