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Automation #007 (Read 1116 times)
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Automation #007
18.04.12 at 16:21:39
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Woohoo, 50hz action!

This was actually one of the first games I got with my first ST (it was a part of the Power Pack), and sadly the version I had was crashing after 1-2 seconds of gameplay. I got to know its crash/debug screen all too well though! Nonetheless this game really gave me a good impression because it looked really polished; while loading, rasters were shown in the splash screen, the title screen had a controllable starfield, the game was running at near-constant 50fps (although only half the screen is the gameplay window, the rest is for the panel), etc etc. So when I found a working copy of it (funnily enough, a friend of mine gave me his copy from his Power Pack and it worked!), I played it a lot.

So, the game's a racing game. But, to spice things up, there's guns and bombs and turbos to be fitted to the car. You need every one of them as the levels get harder and harder. The most important thing you need to remember when stocking up is to fill up the tank with enough fuel (which actually translates to time ingame) to last the level. Then spend whatever money you have buying stuff to upgrade the car. And then you're off shooting cars, people machine gunning the road, huge trucks that take quite some damage before blowing up, and a quite twisty road that can send you crashing to debris in an instant.

A game to keep you occupied for some time Smiley


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