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Automation #071 (Read 920 times)
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Automation #071
12.05.12 at 21:43:08
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Teenage Queen by Ere Imformatique, Crack by Was (Not Was)

Karting Grand Prix by Anco, Crack by Sharaz Jek

Sam and Ed by Compute, Crack by Sharaz Jek

Knickerbockers by N/A, Crack by Bob
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Re: Automation #071
Reply #1 - 13.05.12 at 07:58:41
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I always had a soft spot for strip poker games and Teenage Queen was one of the better ones.

The gameplay is the usual, play your poker hand to the better end and make the cute girl strip down each time she runs out of money.

Graphics are gorgeous and it seems to me they are drawn by hand. It looks a lot better than other ST strip poker games that offer digitized graphics. Sound effects are simple and limited to some digitized giggle and other small effects.

The girl herself is quite a sort of cute jailbait so be warned  Grin

If you like strip poker, get this one!

PS: At least in the Medway Boys version, all the pics are accessible as PC1 files so no need to actually play the game.

teenage_queen_7.gif ( 15 KB | Downloads )
teenage_queen_8.gif ( 15 KB | Downloads )

Rock'n'Roll is the thing - Jerry Lee is the king!

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