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Automation #078 (Read 492 times)
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Automation #078
15.05.12 at 09:42:04
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Trivial Pursuit by Domark, Crack by Sharaz Jek

Roadwar Europa by SSI, Crack by Sharaz Jek

Trivial Pursuit II by Domark, Crack by Sharaz Jek
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Re: Automation #078
Reply #1 - 21.05.12 at 20:35:10
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Trivial Pursuit

The classic game come to the home computer.  However, it does of course require a lot of honesty if you are sad and playing on your own, but you wouldn't really play this with a bunch of people really if you had the board game would you??

The questions are varied enough and challenging enough like the board game, but the game is slowed down by the annoying change of scenery for each question and rather poor sfx.

An OK game, but one that is too frustrating to play for long because of the poins above.

Trivial Pursuit II is more fun and a bit more varied and less frustrating than the original, but again you would rather the board game that crowding around the computer

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