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Automation #089 (Read 296 times)
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Automation #089
20.05.12 at 15:05:52
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Star Trek - The Rebel Universe by Simon & Schuster, Crack by Sharaz Jek

Liberator by Micro Value, Crack by Neil

Alpine Games by Atlantis, Crack by Sharaz Jek

Sorceror Lord by Pss, Crack by Sharaz Jek
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Re: Automation #089
Reply #1 - 21.05.12 at 19:20:16
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Star Trek - The Rebel Universe

OK I am a massive Star Trek fan I admit it proudly...  However never played this game.  Graphics are good and sounds OK, though digi speech could be better in places, you do get a feel of being Jim Kirk however.

A difficult game to get into without a manual (should check the Sewer or Wombles disks maybe) but with some click and prodding you will soon get to orbit a planet and for example if its Klingon get in a fight with some Klingon battlecruisers - make sure to get those phasers and torpedoes armed and set your sights before firing one for the 4 phaser banks

Overall a game I will try again, but hopefully with a manual at my side to get to grips with things a but quicker as the menus can be slightly confusing when moving aimlessly

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