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Automation #099 (Read 875 times)
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Automation #099
22.05.12 at 21:07:46
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Joan of Arc by Go!, Crack by Sharaz Jek

Marble Madness by Electronic Arts, Crack by Dack
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Re: Automation #099
Reply #1 - 23.05.12 at 19:38:54
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Marble Madness

A frustrating game against the clock to get your marble through the obstacles, past the aliens and black balls (knock them off play area for bonus) and moving tiles.

The game is fun and challenging, but you can become so angry at it at times as there area areas you think you can drop off and should be able to safely but no, it deems you have fallen off the edge (rubbish!)

Graphically average and terrible sounds, but something makes you want just one more go... But then I think I am a masochist gamer at times  Tongue

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