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Automation #109 (Read 513 times)
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Automation #109
27.05.12 at 06:06:08
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Circus Attractions by Golden Goblins, Crack by Ozzwald

Vulcan by RT Smith, Crack by Ozzwald

Face Off by Anco, Crack by Ozzwald
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Re: Automation #109
Reply #1 - 21.08.12 at 15:57:57
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Vulcan is a turnbased strategy game. Either one or 2 players take control over WWII armies in North Africa and Italy and battle each other.

The whole game is turnbased with a movement and a battle phase.

YM sound is awful, some creaky digi and in general noise (not even battle noise) can be heard.

I never was a fan of turnbased strategy games but if I ever have a need I certainly will pick Panzer General instead of this one.

Maybe someone else likes this better?


Vulcan.png (Attachment deleted)

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