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Automation #151 (Read 736 times)
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Automation #151
22.02.15 at 22:45:40
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Leisure Suit Larry - The Land of Lounge Lizards by Sierra, Crack by Vapour

King's Quest 1 by Sierra, Crack by Vapour

Sargon III by PD, Crack by Vapour
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Re: Automation #151
Reply #1 - 19.04.15 at 08:41:35
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A disk with atleast 2 classics Smiley

Graphically the Sierra adventures given are not up to ST standards but they were designed with PC EGA graphics in mind and the ST can do that aswell.

Leisure Suit Larry is a naugthy classic in its own right. The player is in control of said character, a 40 year old dork who never got laid and is still living with momma. He is going out to have the night of his life in the city of Lost Wages, trying to get laid

You need money for everything as movement is buy pricy taxi only. Going to the casino to earn some cash is important. Larry can die homourous ways of deaths and meet some strange people in the city. The game can be hard and frustrating as the clock is ticking but the ingame jokes are great and it is great fun to play.

There is an annoying age verification at the start of the game which can only be passed if you have good memory of 80s culture in the USA.

If you use an emulator, make use of memory snapshots.

Sound is dull as it is basically PC beeper ported over to the YM, graphics are EGA board styled but not that bad.

It is definitly worth playing for the humour and funny moments on its own.

If you have a DOS setup somewhere, try looking for the VGA remake which has much better graphics in 256 colors  and a point'N'click interface but features the same story line.

Rock'n'Roll is the thing - Jerry Lee is the king!

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