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We hope you had a lovely Easter!

Revision 2021 online among other nice releases brought us a nice surprise: Hemoroids' Square v2 demo, which was shown back in STNICCC 2015 is finally out. Rejoice!

Unfortunately, it did not work on our MegaSTEs even though it was marked as an STE release (In our experience the two machines are really very compatible). Upon further investigation, it seemed that it didn't work on TOS 2.xx in general. So GGN decided to take a peek at the problem.

After bypassing the protection (nice try guys ;)), which was assumed to be the trouble, the demo still refused to run even with the TOS checks removed. Also it seemed allergic of hard disk drivers as well. Fast forward a lot of experimentation and he had a working version... mostly. The ending tune by Furax would freeze the machine. At this stage Showaddywaddy entered the arena, with his vast knowledge of fixing tunes for all the Atari 16/32 platform. He made a quick fix for the tune. It didn't work, so GGN followed his lead and fixed the remaining issues. The demo then ran start to end on TOS 2.06 from hard disk (with 4Mb of RAM) and floppy (with 2Mb of RAM).

All this happened in the day the demo was uploaded to Pouet and Demozoo. We contemplated releasing it as-is, but where's the fun in that? We needed an intro!

A quick poll around a few of our friends wasn't very hopeful, so we would probably have to switch to intro coding yet again. But at the last minute, Excellence in Art sent us a mostly working intro. Some modifications later we had everything up to everyone's satisfaction.

Without further ado, grab the release here or comment about XiA's intro on Pouet. Read the instructions in the supplied text file just in case, and most of all: have fun!
Happy New Year everyone.

Just a real quick release. A number of people mentioned wanting a patch to the classic Bitmap Brother's game - Xenon. Nothing too taxing, just to remove the annoying joystick wiggle feature which often resulted in an untimely death mid battle.

This is now removed, however it can still be selected using the space bar - to toggle from ground vehicle to space ship.

Original crack by Hot-Knife, patch by GGN, un-wiggled by SHW. Exclusive intro music by Modmate.
I saw a little post recently on AF regarding the application Sound Lab (a nifty sample editor).

The app has a pop up share message which appears every now and again. A user asked if this could be removed. Mmmmh we are in 2020 so I do not see a problem in implementing this. The author was contacted however unfortunately he's now lost all his source code.

So, I dug into the high level soup and voila - Sound Lab 1.1....D-Bugged.

Update - here's Sound Lab 1.11 as well.

Remember, if you like this program please still consider paying the shareware fee!
Do you actually think you could escape that easily?

We're back at Nordlicht 2020 to present you Kako milo, a mashup between the STE port of Bad apple by Fenarinarsa and the excellent parody lyrics by Gasman.

No need to thank us. You're welcome.
Autumn is here. We continue. We always continue.

We have finally updated Trans D-Bug Express to version 1.05.

This version has quite a number of significant changes, briefly - works on any memory configuration, improved speed (fastest MSA reader on the ST), Drive B support, compatible with ST, STe, Mega STe, TT and Falcon, uses low level FDC code (no BIOS routines!), allows BPB to be skipped. More info in the readme contained in the zip file.

What a year 2020 is shaping up to be... We hope everyone is healthy and safe and that there will soon be a cure for this bad situation we're all in called COVID-19.

To lighten up the mood slightly, here's what we've been up to lately, in chronological order:

New domain name

For various reasons we now have a second domain name running in parallel to our old one. We welcome the new kid on the block, https://d-bug.me! Please note that if you have issues with accessing the site in either of the two domains, don't hesitate to get in touch with us stating the problem and we'll patch it up sharpish.

rmac and rln website

Prehaps you've heard of these before, perhaps not. The fact is that GGN has been helping Shamus of Underground software (Virtual Jaguar fame) maintain and extend an assembler and linker aiming to support all Atari platforms, from the 800 to the ST, Lynx and Jaguar.

rmac and rln are direct descendants of the official Atari ST dev tools: Madmac (by Landon Dyer) and aln (By Alan Pratt). The tools currently support most of the CPUs found on Atari platforms including 68000, 68030, the Jaguar custom CPUs, the 6502 etc.

Alas, the tools never had a home page of their own, but instead they relied on forum posts and obscure repositories if people wanted to check them out. Well, no more! a brand new site was created for the pair which includes history, download links, comprehensive manual and a fun (we hope!) theme. So, without further ado, you are very welcome to visit http://rmac.is-slick.com to get informed, and perhaps, who knows, even try the tools out!

(Just as a footnote: rmac is now listed on Wikipedia too, yay!)

SNDH blog

Remember this one? The thing where Showaddywaddy once every few years writes a random post about things? Well, it's been updated! This time featuring two sizzling items: the glorious conclusion of "From Hull and back" and the first in a series of music ripping tutorials. Go have a read, it's well worth your time!

Outline 2020

Since most of the parties this year are moved to the online format (it beats having no parties at all), all our releases have been remote. To kick off things, Showaddywaddy wore his PHF hat yet again to participate in the highly competitive 256 byte compo! With an ST release of course, and a game to boot!

PHF Rally came third in a highly competitive mixed platform compo, which is either a great achievement or proof that people are always name voting. In any case, a place in the podium for SHW!

Gubbdata 2020

What? What's all this nonsense about Atari entries at a Commodore party????

We'll spare you with our thought process (because there mostly wasn't one), but it sounded a good idea to GGN, tIn and XiA to start a demo from scratch for that part roughly 3 to 4 days before the compo deadline.

Visuals accompanying music is probably one of the most literal translations of a demo release. GGN and tIn heard a preview version of the tune XiA had composed and thought it would be a pity to not have some fun things showing while the music is playing. Initially destined to be released at Sommarhack, it is not an invite for that party! We just liked the logo, that's all. Honest!

Despite the harsh deadline we had plenty of fun rigging this up. It ranked 3rd (again!) in the Other Platform Demo competition, not bad... considering there were only 3 entries! We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Hedning of Genesis Project and Troed of Sync for the patience and support during the party. (meaning: a super extended deadline)

Sommarhack 2020

Finally for now, GGN and tIn made their (virtual) presence at Sommarhack by doing a ST port of a well known Atari 800 product:

Yes, Mona made its way to the Atari ST computers. This little gem by Ilmenit was ported to various platforms (see click on the link to the original and read the Pouet thread for more info), but the ST was left out in the cold. GGN and tIn thought they should rectify the situation, and they did!

The port keeps the 256 bytes limitation (something that only one ZX spectrum port has managed so far), even though the 68000 has on average double the size for an instruction than the 6502! This means that we managed to squeeze the same functionality with less instructions! ...or did we? A quick look shows that the Atari 800 version uses 52 instructions and the ST version 49. How did we do it then? Well, you'll have to wait for the eventual write up. Be patient!

For some reason this ranked first in the 256 byte compo tied with SFMX's entry. Thanks everyone for voting for us. And an even greater thanks to Ilmenit for the original which is nothing short of a masterpiece, if only for the concept itself.

Winding down

And that was 2020 so far from us. As for actual D-Bug activities... yes, they're still coming, hang in there.

And most of all, stay safe!

See you around...
Back again, we never stop.... just slow down... Whilst at the elite Tathack we did another re-release, this time GGN and SHW bring you Automation 449 v2 , this fixed a bug which prevented the attract screen working. Neil's menu has new music and colours. That's it
As everything, it all started innocently enough.

"Hello folks,

I'm thinking of organising some kind of Atari get-together at my gaff next year."

When Tat of Avena invites you over for a few days, how can one refuse? Damo, GGN, Gwem and Showaddywaddy certainly didn't! The premise of the whole gathering was to just relax and have some Atari time together, possibly work on something fun. A few of the participants were reluctant at first as they claimed they cannot code (such modesty!). They were however calmed down by the host saying that nobody would be forced to code anything. So after a date was agreed upon (21 to 23 February 2020) people booked time and arranged their transportation to the "hack".

First to arrive at the place was GGN, one day before everyone else, due to flight schedules. Things stated looking bad (or good depending on how one looks at the situation) when after a lovely dinner GGN started working on his entry for Outline, while Tat was deep in unpacker territory.

A few days prior to the party he had finished a rough-but-working depacker of the LZSA1 packer. Little by little the LZSA2 depacker started working and by early next day everything was ready: both versions of the LZSA depack algorithm are now available on GitHub. So that's already one release before most of the people had arrived - oh no! Also, GGN's tests showed that LZSA packs better and depacks faster than LZ4, so it's even a useful tool!

Late in the evening the rest of the crew started arriving: Grazey, then Gwem, and last but definitely not least, Damo. Here you can see everyone inside a local pub the next day.

With us were 1 STE, 2 STFMs (including Showaddywaddy's infamous orange sprayed one) and one Falcon, what more could one ask?

Once everyone settled in and had a good night's rest, things took off: The water boiler was working at 100% capacity in order to keep up with the tea demand, snacks were being passed around and generally the mood was great. People were even productive, which is unheard of! Meanwhile, word has got out that a party called "tathack" is happening and that it was populated exclusively by 1337 people (although none present at the place saw any), so around Saturday noon we were asked something really scary:

"whens the deadline, remote entries?"

Oops, busted! Sure, Gwem was set to release a new version of MaxYMiser (which of course he did), but that's pretty much it. Remote entries meant there was supposed to be a compo of sorts, so it was starting to feel a bit like work! Not to worry though, we set the deadline at midnight GMT and hoped that people would not carry on their threats of submitting something. GGN started working on a potential release but it was soon apparent that at least one more day was required to get everything to run properly, so with heavy heart that idea was abandoned. Grazey was still working on his Outline release and preparing something that will be released soon(!), Damo was working on his tracker, Tat was working on his release (for another party).

So, apart from MaxYMiser, there was nothing for the compos. And then the blasted Spice boys carried out their threats and submitted not one but two entries! Oh well!

To ease the tension of waiting for the compo deadline (snacks, food and tea also helped plenty) Showaddywaddy suggested a gaming compo. After a couple of false starts in trying to find of a suitable game, we settled upon Gemini Wing.

The poor rabbit soon lost its smile as it witnessed the general level of the contestants. The less said about this compo the better. People in the know probably have a rough idea of who won the compo (or just took a look at our fancy results file)

So, compo time! Luckily GGN had brought with him a pre-production devkit made by Ultra of Cream, ultraDev which made sending the entries to the compo machine a breeze. Big thanks to Ultra for this splendid piece of hardware!

House rules dictated that there would be only one voter, who was certainly the most qualified and knowledgeable in Atari demoscene culture in the house: Newton the cat. After both entries were shown (and the crowd indeed have a lovely time watching them - many thanks to the Spice boys for sending entries on such a short notice!) Newton considered the matter very carefully, judged both entries on their merits, and promptly disqualified both. Everyone present was gutted but rules are rules. Oh well...

Get the releases over at Pouet and have a good laugh - we certainly did!

After all that excitement people were exhausted. So it was mutually agreed to get some rest for the final day. Said final day turned out pretty uneventful: after a long and lovely breakfast people slowly started packing up, saying their goodbyes and going on their merry ways.

There are of course a lot of things left out in this mini report: all the small talk, tracker ideas, collaboration, info exchange, etc etc. However, these are the things that cannot be conveyed with words; one simply has to be there and soak up the atmosphere. It could have been bigger, more organised, better advertised. Or it could even have been smaller. In the end everyone that was invited had a lovely quiet time (after all we're all old, right?!?) and we're sure that everyone present would agree that this was the perfect way to open the Atari 2020 demoparty season.

We are very grateful that Tat invited both D-Bug members to hang around with the rest of the people. His hospitality was top notch, the tea service was excellent, and everything else was just lovely. Nothing more to add here, so catch you all later! Outline is just around the corner, and Sommarhack isn't that far either!
Oh gosh, it's nearly the end of 2019 and no updates here? Let's rectify this immediately.


It's time again for yet another time capsule post, so let's have a round up on what those lazy people at D-Bug were up to since the last time.

No new releases this year :(

Oh boy we came close. Spirits were high, the releases are very close to ready and tested (and at least one of them super rare!), the menu was being coded, but...... Unfortunately we ran out of time and steam. Our release was supposed to be submitted to a demo party (we won't say which, that would be telling) but the intro was over ambitious and would require graphics and a lot of work. Coupling that with the looming deadiline and the fact that we went to that demo party to see people and have fun, we made the hard decision to hold back until everything would be proper ready.

The sad fact is that we didn't continue working on the release after the party as focuses and interests shift occasionally. But rest assured, we will have something out soon! (fingers crossed!)

With that out of the way, let's cover the guys' other activities.


What year would be complete without our favorite Dutch party? Both Showaddywaddy and GGN had to be there for 4 days of carelesness, fun, and a bit of hacking as usual! (and of course lending a hand to the compo team as Shw's Mega STE had the honour of running the few Atari releases!) The usual Atari people of the past years were there: SPKR/SMFX, TiNKer/Lineout, Havoc/Lineout, CiH/Maggie, Felice/Maggie, tIn/Newline (it was a pleasure to meet a legendary person from the 90s, we hit it off imediately), Tronic/Effect, LFEE, Beetle/Cyanoacrylate Dreams, Gaz. And of course people from other platforms like Fra/Resistance, Gasman/Hooy-Program, TheBat/Guideline, Numtek/Guideline, and so on and so forth.

This year was a bit special as the party bids farewell to the Willemsoord location. So we made an effort to show something worthwhile for the compos!

First of all, a new demo!...well that's not true at all, but it was new to most of the people - just not to us!

Total apathy was the name of what was destined to be the Bad Brew Crew's mega demo. Sadly the demo was never finished (and yes the irony is not lost to anyone - the demo's name was prophetic and probably the main reason for no release!). But a lot of the screens were floating about in old backups of backups. Some of them were used as D-Bug menus, some were leaked into compilations. However they were never released into a single pack with a menu and all. Shw wanted to release this for a long time now and this year he finally made the effort to put everything together.

Since the whole project started in the early 90s Shw thought it would be appropriate to put everything on a boot floppy with custom loading code etc, none of that fancy hard disk the kids do these days! A small intro was put together by Shw and GGN, things were tested thoroughly (as usual) and that was it.

(Of course one week before the party Cyrano Jones sent us a few extra screens he found that we didn't have so we had to re-master the demo disk - d'oh! But no matter, it was all done in time)

(Hidden screens? What's that?)

But that's not all! Since the start of the year GGN was hacking away at a utility that statically converts Z80 code to MC68000. The reason for that was for him to port over a game from the ZX Spectrum (boo!) called Maziacs (thanks to SPKR for mentioning this game). The rationale behind the tool was to have the gameplay code behave 100% identical to the original version, not trying to guess what the game did and replace the graphics and input routines with native 68000 code. Thanks to the brilliant as usual SH3 we have a title screen that matches the conversion's chosen name (Bugziacs, feel free to download and try it out btw!) and new graphics that were drawn during the party by TiNKer we released a much more polished product that was originally envisioned.

We won't bore you with the details here, GGN has written a quite long article explaining the whole process and a bit of development history, you're welcome to go and read that!

8-Bit symphony

Yes, we were there! How could we miss that event when it was being orgainsed in Showaddywaddy's home town (Hull)? That's right, we couldn't! Not even one month has passed since Shw and GGN met and now they were off to see the first symphonic concert of tunes from the 80s. We teamed up with gwEm/PHF, Tat/Avena (another mythical Atarian from the 90s we had the pleasure of meeting this year, we're on a roll!), and of course Tronic and Gaz were there. Was it good? Well, you'd have to be there for yourself, we won't share opinions here.

There's not a lot to say here as this wasn't a demo party but everyone had a relaxing time talking about looming deadlines and stress from demo coding ;). All the same it was a nice weekend in rainy UK.

(also, as Tat put it: "The unforgettable Serena Williams")


Without losing steam, GGN joined the merry Swedes at yet another edition of their lovely Atari party. Again many lovely people gathered together in such a small place: Evil/DHS, XiA/SMFX/The twist team, Acca, SPKR/SMFX, Modmate/SMFX, 505/SMFX, Wiztom/Aggression, Deez/Evolution, Baggio/Evolution, gwEm/PHF, Damo/Reservoir Gods (and what a pleasure it was meeting him again after so many years!), Britelite/Dekadence, Ricky Martin/Decadence, Daniel/New beat (AKA Dan Dan the beer man!), Freeco/New beat, Instream/Nature, Hencox/Nature, PeP/SoS, Nerve/Ephidrena (again, lovely to see again after a long time), Frequent/Ephidrena (like we said, meeting legends this year!), Emphii/Extream, No/Escape (beyond words, so happy to meet up again), Mikro/Satantronic, Sedma (yeah yeah giants etc)...

So what we had in store for the party? Well, Ambermoon Music Demo - something that Shw and GGN worked in many many many many years. Every time we would pick this up, reach to the point of 99% being done, and then something would happen and we'd put it aside. This year we just had to release it as the tunes (which Showaddywaddy got from Big Alec many years ago) were finally leaked out. Our hand forced, we decided to make a final push and get it out the door. By no means a big feat (especially compared to the top notch releases we witnessed that night at the party), but at least better than no release!

It was one of those parties that one wishes could never end, or last for 2-3 days more so as to catch up with everyone and have fun. All good things must come to an end though so people parted ways, big hugs all round and that special feeling one has after meeting people like family.


So it turns out that Sommarhack wasn't the end of our Atari activities for the year. We didn't plan for that though. We were happy to be idle and enjoy life for a while. But, well, accidents do happen...

SMFX were conjuring up a demo to celebrate their 3rd year of Atari activities. As pretty much everyone knows now, it is basically a reimagining of Razor1991's 2011 demo . Accidentally (ho ho) SPKR asked GGN to lend a helping hand, and he reluctantly accepted, not knowing how he could be useful. After re-acquainting himself with the demo (8 years is a long period!) GGN asked where could he be helpful and spkr pointed him to the part of the demo that featured a 3D landscape.

Again by accident (no joke!) GGN remembered the fractal landscape of Ooh crikey wot a scorcher which gave birth to Killing spree which GGN helped bring into presentable shape for Outline 2014! The source was out there, so why not make use of it? So sure enough the code was stripped down and beaten into working with SMFX's demo system with not much fuss (which speaks volumes for Manikin's code if anything!). Finally the glenz vector end part was reimagined and GGN generated the bouncy sprite paths for that. That's it, the rest is SMFX's work and don't let them tell you otherwise!

"We accidentally released" was released at the party and you can see the result for yourselves by clicking the link!

What's next?

So that's pretty much it for this decade. People mostly knew all the above without reading this page. So what's next for D-Bug?

Like we said, we do intend to get back into making menus. This year didn't go as planned and we're sorry, but there's no use crying over spilled milk. We plan to rectify this!

And a small plea at this point: As much fun as it is doing everything in-house, it can sometimes become overwhelming. Putting a menu together requires some resources like menu code, graphics, music, testing. So if you feel like contributing anything, we'd be more than happy to accept!

Also, Showaddywaddy has been secretly donning his Grazey hat and ripping out tunes from pretty much everywhere for the SNDH archive. A new release has been well overdue, that's also coming soon!

Next year it'll be D-Bug's 30th birthday, so we plan to celebrate it with a bang (or two)! We hope you'll join us in the celebrations!

With love for the scene,
GGN and Showaddywaddy
News roundup!

Just because we haven't been updating this website doesn't mean we weren't busy! So, what happened since the last news item?

Arkos Tracker 2 replay routine for the ST

As you can read from the tracker's website, \"Arkos Tracker 2 is the evolution of STarKos (an Amstrad CPC Tracker) and Arkos Tracker 1 (A Windows-only Tracker)\". Its author (Targhan) publically asked if anyone would take up on the task of making a ST version of the player since the Amstrad CPC and the ST share pretty much the same sound chip (AY-3-8912 vs YM2149F). GGN was intrigued at the possibilities this opened, primarily since this would enable people to compose tunes on PC (or Mac) and play directly on ST. So he overcame his fears (and disgust!) for the Z80 CPU and started on a port of the player code to good old MC68000. The details of this are probably good enough for an article of their own so I'll save it for now.

After a few days of staring at instruction manuals, register descriptions and trying code in simulators he had a working prototype that could play tunes that took a whopping 6 scanlines of CPU! Hooray! After a few optimisation passes, the CPU usage dropped down to about 3.5 scanlines (worst case). Which is great, but what to do with it?


That's when XiA came into the picture*. The tracker did seem nice to use for him and pretty soon he started composing chiptunes again, something he hasn't done in a few years! Around this time the Outline demoparty was looming and we had nothing to show. On a whim GGN started mashing around some visualisations for one of XiA's tunes, thinking it would be enough for a small entry. This was 3 days before the party started! Around that point XiA started throwing assets and code at GGN that he and his lovely wife Acca had prepared in the past. They all looked lovely, so how could those not be used? Lots of effort, bug fixing and contributions by TiNKer at the party and we had something that resembled a demo on our hands! We called it \"LovelYM\", it ranked 3rd place out of 5, and you can view/download it on Pouet as usual. As a final remark, the initial design document for the demo was to show a raster bar to indicate how much CPU time the replay routine took, so we think we exceeded those expectations by far!

As for Outline itself - we had a blast once again. GGN, Showaddywaddy, TiNKer, SPKR, Havoc, D-Force, TheMatch, Beetle, Tronic, CiH, Felice, Lisu, JAC!, they were all present to keep the Atari flag up in the party and the compos :). And of course not forgetting people from other platforms like the Guideline folks (Numtek, TheBat), Alpha C who took care of the compos, and too many other people to mention here.

As expected, it wouldn't be a proper party without D-Bug coding! So Showaddywaddy wore his Grazey hat and ripped a few musics for the good of humanity, while GGN succeeded in adding SID voice support for Arkos Tracker! The results are publically on Github, so you are all invited to check it out and use it in your projects!

Finally, GGN and Showaddywaddy and his friend Gaz spent a few hours walking around in rainy Amsterdam after the party - good times!


After an exhausting party like Outline, surely we wouldn't attempt to do anything other any time soon, right? You would guess wrong!

To keep it short, we did yet another demo with XiA! And documented the process here. GGN and Shw were again present at the party (wooo, two parties in the same year - madness!) and, as expected, good times ensued! Shw was almost thrown in the river because of World Cup shenanigans (namely, England beating Sweden during the party), GGN beat everyone at the gaming compo yet again (yawn!), and the GGN/XiA/Acca demo scoring first place at the Twist compo. No idea how this happened but as usual you can see the result for yourself on Pouet. Enjoy!

Okay, so surely that was it for us for 2018? Two parties, two demos? Ehhh, nope!

Nordlicht demoparty was holding a 512 byte executable compo. And GGN walked into Arvenius (AKA wysiwtf) of Titan during Outline, who is one of the organisers of Nordlicht. An entry was promised, so something had to be done about it!

pLOLsma was written as a part in The Twist demo, but was left out for various reasons. The core code was written by GGN during the flight to Sweden in about 1 hour, and was beaten into submission 2 hours past the deadline for Nordlicht remote entries. No regrets, it is what it is, the promise was not broken :).

Beyond Brown

Time jump to yesterday, when we finally mustered enough courage to release a sister site/blog/soapbox/whatever into the wild. Beyond Brown had been stewing over a slow fire for a few years now. It was meant to be for our entertainment, jotting down things or writing a few words that were not fitting to other online mediums (forums etc). But over time word got out and people asked about something more public. So here we are. We still think it needs a lot more content (one major reason for not releasing it earlier) but at least people have an easier way to access whatever content is there.

Upcoming items

The observant among you must be screaming right now. \"Fine, but what does all this has to do with D-Bug??????\". So nice of you to ask! GGN and Shw have been talking lately and thought that we might as well start producing a few CDs again! First up will be a demo compilation, and then who knows...

Stay tuned for the future - it's coming soon-ish!

* Well, it was a bit earlier than that, but the narrative sounds better this way!
Whooah, we're on a roll. 28 years later we re-release Automation 250 , this fixed a bug in Necron's Ultra-Load depack routines. The menu code has also had a slight update, 3 changes to be exact if you can spot them!
And now for something new!

Created by members and close collaborators of D-Bug, today marks the first release by Bello Games, entitled bexa64n!

To put it simply it's a game rendered inside a puny 64x64 window and plays not unlike a famous indie hexagonal game :). The reasons for this release are:

1. To give a teaser preview of a bigger release in the works called Bexagon
2. To give Atarians a new game they can play right now
3. To be the first game that has a dual release (Jaguar/Falcon030) using a single source base! The whole game was written in our very own dialect of Basic called Bello Basic which (with only a few exceptions) can generate the two very different binaries from the same source base which perform identical!

And that's pretty much it. Visit the above links, download and enjoy this first release. And stay tuned for more!
Let's cast our minds back to 2009 for a bit...

D-Bug was really active back then, releasing a lot of games for newer Ataris and adding hard disk loading capability. During that frenzy we decided we should put an end to our Compacted Disk series, releasing our last menu as a full CD-ROM which contained new stuff plus all the older menus and patches. (Shortly afterwards we would put most activities to the backburner and pursue other fun stuff to do). During the period we were gathering things to put in CD #200 we received an email out of the blue. It was from our friend n0kturnal and contained a Pasti image of a really rare game on the ST - Robbo! Reports say it's so rare that it only ever sold 80 copies in all! What a boon for us - we could include something really special!

I drew the short straw and got to work taking it apart and making it hard drive and Falcon friendly. Everything seemed fine, we tested a lot of levels and it all seemed fine. So it was greenlit and included into the final CD.

Fast forward to last Sunday when I got a friendly email from another pole, bartek030 informing me that my version of Robbo actually had a showstopping issue that would freeze the game past level 44 (if I remember correctly!). Oops! And not only that, but he also sent me a link to atarionline.pl where there is a page devoted to it, including an interview with the creators thanking the people who cracked it but a pity it wasn't working fully. Double oops!

So back into Robbo I went again, fixing all issues and exposing the in-game trainer so this time I can verify that the game goes all the way to the end sequence (which is very nice, you should check it out :)).

Enough talking, now grab the new updated version and have fun! And who knows, maybe in 10 years I might backport all the literally hundreds of Atari 800 version levels to this version! (if anyone wants to help, get in touch!)
Hey look, even more new stuff!

Grazey brings you SNDH update 4.7! So go grab it and don't forget to leave a comment on the blog!
A happy new year to everyone!

Look! Third post in one month - world record! Does this mean D-Bug is finally back in action? Who knows!

In the meantime GGN spent a couple of hours on new year's eve to make a pitifully small Falcon intro using a brand new TiNKer pic and an old tune by 505. It was planned to add snowflakes dancing but since it didn't snow in Greece he decided to go for realistic weather model instead ;) (that, or he ran out of time because he tried to do everything at the last minute). Get it here. In a bizarre twist of events an unknown person sent us a ST/STE version - grab it here. Here's also the Pouet link if you're so inclined to leave a comment!
Not to be outdone by GGN's news, Showaddywaddy has made his first patch in 4 years! He starts his rebirth with Disc, a decent Tron like clone. Will this be the start of a more active period in the Automation / D-Bug journey.... we shall see.
Second news item in one year - wooo, we're on fire!

So, news:

Showaddywaddy and GGN attended Outline again and it was a blast! Not many Atari people or Atari activity in there but those who were there made it worthwhile. And while we were there we thought "Why don't we win the Atari demo compo?" ;). And so we did: HipSid, Grazey's brainchild that combined Mad Max tunes with SID voices, ranked first in the compo! You can read a very brief note about it on the SNDH blog. With about 10 hours of non-stop music action it is well worth a download!

GGN also attended Sommarhack, but with less one month to prepare something for the compo more complex endeavours weren't feasible.

With about a week or two left for the party, GGN got a request from Lotek Style of tSCc. Specifically, an old music disk by EKO called Epidemic has never behaved properly - the intro would run but the music selector would crash violently. A quick fix was made for it, yet many issues still remain: there is a lot of screen tearing on the 3D objects in the background which (given the short time frame) weren't apparent to fix. Also a tune was missing, and that's because this music disk appears to be a port of a PC music disk of the same name - the tune in question is an 8 channel .mod file, something that the player was not capable of playing. Fortunately Lotek managed to source a 4 channel version so cheers to him and the person that did the conversion (details are a bit sketchy, either the tune was converted using a tool or was hand fixed).

So with the music disk in a state of "works, not that great but at least it gets the job done" it was time to let it out for the world to yawn at (sorry!). However, since Sommarhack was just around the corner it looked silly not to release it during the party. And a release there without an intro looked quite poor, so something had to be done :). The initial design was to use an old and unfinished intro (from 2004 no less!) and just use an old tune. So I set out to debug the code, convert some old logos to monochrome, use an unreleased tune from Dubmood and just be done with it. But then something unexpected happened: after describing my idea to people, they sending me assets! XiA sent a 3 minutes and 30 seconds tune, TiNKer drew some tiled backgrounds. Now I actually had to put some effort in it - oh noes!

The whole ordeal took about 3 days, and it was finished 2 days before the party. Nothing exciting to say about these 2 days apart from having to join everything into something that wouldn't make people fall asleep. Somehow I suspect it was not too successful at that ;). One thing worth mentioning is that it works on both RGB and VGA and maintains proper sync with the music - not that many Falcon productions do that :). In any case it ranked 4th at the compo, and you can download it here and check it out for yourselves, or watch it on YouTube.

In other news, GGN and DML of TPT teamed up to bring new versions of the gcc compiler to the ST! Each had their own reasons to do this which is another story, but you can read more about the work and getting the files from an experimental blog/soapbox/call-it-what-you-will, Beyond Brown where a few people just dump their thoughts and texts in no particular order or discipline.

The year is not over yet so there might be something from us still, so stay tuned!

As for CJ? Well, he's quite happy in Jaguar land. Head over to the Atari Age forums if you want to say "hi" to him!
Ever wondered what the mighty D-Bug web-server looks like? Well now you know, running on a state-of-the-art Raspberry Pi!
Here we are again - another Christmas! Could we let this be a dull celebration without any Atari?

Of course not!

Here's a small demo we made in cooperation with Excellence in art and the lovely Acca! To our knowledge this is the first intro that is distributed in source code format only. To run it, you must assemble it! Fear not though, because we have bundled the assembler that was used to develop the intro (rmac) as well as a script that can assemble it. Hopefully it won't be a huge bother for people :).

It is dedicated to a very special person, we hope that the person in question sees it and likes it!

And that's it, merry Christmas and a Happy new year!
New hard drive patch!

Back in July GGN visited Sommarhack, and he had a jolly good time too! The usual place, nice people, laid back atmosphere, BBQ, conversations, jokes, plans - what more could one want from a party? Releases maybe? Yes there were releases!

...sadly one didn't work as expected :( - and it was a bummer because it looked really interesting. I know Evil/DHS did his best to make the demo work, for you see the demo is Rebirth by Cybernetics. Originally the demo wants 2 floppy drives which are a rarity on its own, but the real kicker was that the track loader is a bit too sensitive to timings (or the disks were faulty, I don't think we'll ever know). End result is that the demo looped around a specific part for 5-6 minutes - we thought that was the flow of the demo so we were bummed about it :(. Evil assured us that the demo actually goes on and has other parts. Sadly it ranked low on the results...

When I got back home I got myself a copy of the demo and went to work to make it run from hard drives. I even got in contact with Metal Ages (the coder of the demo) while trying to patch it (I tried to make it run as a stand alone .prg, but by the time Metal Ages replied I had already fixed it - sorry Jerome!). And I was getting ready to slap my usual loader and release it in the wild.

And then in a weird case of synchronicity, !Cube of Aggression messaged me, asking me if I had any releases because he wanted to code an intro for us! I happily accepted. And waited. And then waited some more for the logo. And then waited some more till he got back from vacations. And then I got the final version, added the intro to my stuff, did some last minute debugging, and here we are: Rebirth, single parted, hard drive installable! (it even fits on a 800k disk, yay!). 2 megs of ram needed sadly, but hey just upgrade your STE :D

Just a quick note to say that since about 1 week we're moving servers, so a few things might be inoperative (most notably the forum). We're flogging the server gimps as hard as possible and hope to be fully operational soon!

TDE Updated to 1.03

We've updated Trans D-Bug Express to version 1.03. Bug fixes and added features, the main being that you can change the retries during read using F2/F3, it is also possible to quit out of a read using F10. Oh and F1 now makes TDE write an MSA file even if the maximum number of retries have been used up. See the read me for more info.

And now that we have TDE, Shw has imaged some of his old dodgy disks which Fcopy and MSA couldn't image. Therefore the Dumping Ground is updated!


PHF/D-Bug/Kua/Live co-production!

Trans D-Bug Express

We have lots of little internal utilities stashed on our hard-drives. One of which sees the light of day with a lick of paint and some added polish. Released at Outline 2015 but not making the compos as we didn't know which category to enter it in! TDE is a little MSA imager which has many advantages over existing programs including lush Ukko graphics and industrial Kraftwerk sonics by gwEm.  See readme for full docs.

YouTube video here!
I suppose it's time for our biyearly news post! Happy new year and all! It's true that this website has seen busier days, but its members have been far from silent in Atari.

Showaddywaddy has been busy as always on the SNDH archive, ripping tunes to the end of time. He also released an update to his SNDH editor, visit the link to grab it. He also has a blog that he updates... sometimes - lazy boy ;).

Cyrano Jones has been having most of the fun lately: he finally released his Jaguar graphics library called RAPTOR that makes coding on the machine much easier! Then he got bored waiting for good games to come to the Jaguar, so he started porting ST games to the machine, something that many people thought it was hard or impossible! Well, just for his own amusement here's Rick Dangerous, Gauntlet II, Mercenary, Buggy Boy, Bubble Bobble, Arkanoid II: Revenge of Doh, Carrier Command, Super Sprint and Metro Cross! So now nobody has an excuse for not getting a Jaguar - ther are a handful of good games for it :). Also, here's a small writeup on the process of porting a game to the Jaguar.

Finally, GGN has been all over the place! First he provided patches to Jookie's terrific CosmosEx device, mainly the translated driver, so D-Bug games will load from network drive - yay! Also added the TT compatibility, and by the looks of it will beta test the next generation that will be Falcon compatible! Then, in December he ported 2 Basic dialects to the Jaguar that work with CJ'S RAPTOR library! AtariAge has a dedicated forum for RBASIC (ported by GGN and CJ) and RBASIC+ (ported mostly by GGN). A lengthy writeup on how this happened can be read here (Caution! Wall of Text in there :)). Last week he released a demo called Baby, instant soup doesn't really grab me for the Global Convention of Worldwide Demo Developers International, Inc. 2015 and came first! And today he took the time to check out a Falcon demo (sent to him by Lotek Style) by Hydroxid that refused to run. Not any more! Love vs Darkness by Hydroxid is here for your pleasure!

So that's it for now - see you in a few months when we can be arsed to post again!
August? Bloody hell, where did the time go? Anyway...

Shw and GGN were present at Outline (as usual) and they even brought gifts! A very special gift too as this release was hiding in the dark for more than 20 years! And by no other than TLB - not every day you expect to see a new release by them, right? :)

Killing Spree was sent to us by Lowlife/Hotline and we thought it'd be a good idea to release it at the party. So we worked on the sources a bit, chained them, added a small intro just enough to play Spaz's quartet tune (I suppose people know which intro this is when they look at it!) and added an unreleased Scavenger tune so the main game won't be silent! It ranked 2nd on the competition, but who cares, it's TLB stuff, enjoy! Mega thanks to Lowlife for the sources and TLB for allowing us to release it!

In other news, our friend KrazyK has been busy converting Automation and D-Bug menus to Windows platform, and just today we received a new batch of remade intros from him. Download and enjoy!
Automation 151
Automation 388A
Automation 406
Automation 445
D-Bug 137
D-Bug 188v2
Happy new year everyone, even if it's a bit late!

So, to business! Seems like Futur Minds have made a small boo-boo in their Snork megademo, which in essence crashed the machine before running the ULM screen. Well, after some digging I managed to extract the file from the disk and run it.And was a bit surprised at what I saw... Download it for yourself and I'm sure you'll be too!
Wow, a news item!

Just a quick fix for you this time, Evolution by Exa, that fabled Falcon demo that few people can manage to get running on their Falcons has been fixed! (it ran flawlessly on my machine at least :)). Download and enjoy - remember, RGB only!
Our friend KrazyK (you might remember him from the forum) has been busy recreating some of our intro menus on PC, and I thought I'd mention them as they're really faithful recreations! So download them and have a look!

Automation 245
Automation 274
Automation 384
Automation 430
D-Bug 88
D-Bug 136A
D-Bug 178
D-Bug 185
D-Bug 191

Again, thanks to CrazyK for his efforts!


Automation 225
Automation 240
D-Bug 49A
D-Bug 153A
A heart beat from team D-Bug. About bloody time! I've taken a week off from SNDH matters to release Muzzy a rare puzzle game which had never been filed. I've added a lives/time trainer and my version also runs on STFM, how novel!
Slapfight continues the trend of taxing shoot-em-ups. Again I've included a life and invincibilty trainer. This allows you to see how much later levels influenced Factor 5's Turrican 2 vertical shooter level.
Phobia next, an insanely difficult shoot-em-up by Ratt. My version is the only one around that includes a shield trainer. This just about makes this game playable. Some lovely varied graphics on the later levels, something which not many people will have seen!
Two sports games next. Firstly Winter Games which I loved playing on the C64 back in the day. Secondly Buffalo Bill which isn't my cup of tea but some people like it!
Now my intro is 100% patches should appear more regularly. Next for release is Lotus 3. I've had this lying on my hard-drive 95% complete for 3 years!
Shw is back with Stormlord. He's updated the intro which now features speech if you have an STe or greater! Look out for exclusive tracks on his next few patches!
D-Bug Team
Klaz continues his onslaught of tasty patches for your delectation...

Arkanoid 2
The Bard's Tale
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Bubble Ghost

Great stuff Klaz...
D-Bug Team
Instead of letting people wait any longer for the release of the Automation DVD, we decided to try something different.

We're going to release each menu in sequential format, starting from 0 and going all the way to 512. However, the condition to release a menu will be that at least one of the games in that menu gets reviewed. We'll try to do as many as we can, but if you think you can help, feel free to join in!

Check our dedicated sub-forum here and have fun!
D-Bug Team
If you haven't found out yet: We're mirroring Klaz's website until his host goes back to normal again (or for as long as he wants basically). Cheers!
D-Bug Team
Two new games from Klaz's stable,


Fire and Ice

Good work with Braybrooks nasty O.S. Klaz ;)  
D-Bug Team
All our Christmas releases are now on the patch page! Enjoy.
D-Bug Team
You might have seen some weird things happening the last few days, we're sorry but we've all been terribly busy. But now that we're mostly done we can make a public announcement:

We have moved servers yet again! So what does it mean to you?

- Better speeds!
- The base URL has changed slightly: It's now instead of dbug/
- The RSS feed link has changed to rss.php (only Chrome still seems not to like it but since W3C's feed validator says it's ok, Chrome can go **** off :))
- The forum URL remains the same.
- http://dbug.atari.org redirector has also been fixed.

We're still fixing up dead links from the site, but they're so many of them we might miss a few! Contact us if you want something that points to a bad link!

Many thanks to Linkvitch of U-235 for the gracious providing of web space and stuff :)

Oh, and as a gift to all you that bore with us, here's Roller Coaster Rumbler all fixed up and ready to run from your machines' hard drives :).
D-Bug Team
Well, instead of moving servers the last weekend, we went and moved 20 mins ago! On the surface, things seem to be working a bit, but the download links seem problematic. We'll sort them out as soon as possible! If there's still something wrong, just send us a mail and we'll take care of it!
D-Bug team
We kick off 2012 with Great Giana Sisters our version even gives you the option of selecting parts of the Amiga music if you possess a Falcon or STe. The game is also the first to use Showaddywaddy's new intro shell. Big up to Ukko for the fabulous graphics and gwEm/phf for the funky zak."
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us!
D-Bug Team
Here's a 5 disk epic converted to hard disk for you: Heimdall! Not one of Core Design's finest moments in game design, but it's got good gfx!

Note: The built in save games now use ULS. F10 quits to desktop.

Now, tune in tomorrow for the dramatic conclusion to our Xmas trip...
D-Bug Team
(c) infringement ahoy! It's not Mario, honest! Stario's completely different! Trust us! Pretty please?

Well, then. It's-a-mee! Staaaaarioooo! And I have my own Christmas special called Stario's Christmas! Geddit while it's-a hot-a!
D-Bug Team
What? We're not finished?!

Actually here's a seasonal game :-

Winter Super Sports 92

Bit of a cheek for Flair to pack the game with Pack-Ice and change the header to TSM! Very naughty.
D-Bug Team
Another previously unreleased title from us: Magic Boy!. If only we got such good quality games before the ST's twilight years...
D-Bug Team
What do you get when you cross GEM with X11? Any ideas? Anyone?

While you ponder that, download and play Gem'X, a title we haven't released in the past. So now your collection is more complete. Rejoice!
D-Bug Team
Here's another excellent title for you: Captain Dynamo! Guide your fatty superhero around and... umm.. finish the levels. Gwon, you know it's fun!
D-Bug Team
We must admit, your patience has reached legendary levels. You actually waited patiently until we unloaded all the crap ones and get to the good stuff.

Your wait is over!

This is it!

The real fun starts here!

We have for you....

Impact? WTF's that????

Well, it's a cool Arkanoid clone and it plays great! Don't give too much notice to the graphics, it plays very good! But don't take our word for it, try it out yourself!
D-Bug Team
And today we have a tribute to the late great Antonio Prohias: Spy vs Spy III. Enjoy!
D-Bug Team
One of Tiertex's finest moments, Strider! It's even half-decent for a change :)
D-Bug Team
Today's feature has a very good and recognisable soundtrack. And.... ummm... It has this really neat piece of code at the very start of the game for setting the palette. Unfortunately we had to take that out. Sorry.

Now, go get Warped already!
D-Bug Team
So lemme get this straight.... It's the time of the year when people are out enjoying the snow, get together with family and friends, and do lots of cool activites. And you choose to stay home and check this website? I'll never figure you out... Here's Battlezone for you then. Now go have some real fun!
D-Bug Team
Was Mata Hari fond of Christmas? Or did she get melancholic this time of the year? Did she ever find true happiness? Would she have liked computers? Ataris? Would she play a game featuring herself? Would she be glad if she found out that it was fixed for all 16/32 machines?

Hell if we know, but at least you can now command her in an effort for her to infiltrate a castle and do the nasty with a guy that's tied up. You filthy perv.
D-Bug Team
Here's more real-world scenario that would never work in a Dizzy game. Super Seymour Saves The World. Cause you know, yeah, ""Dizzy???? A Superhero??? That can happen to anyone any day! We can't have Dizzy in a real world scenario!!!!! OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111ONEONEONEONEOENONEOE". Board meetings at Codemasters back then must have been fun.
D-Bug Team
What's a Margoulin? After deep playtesting, we can only conclude that it's a guy that goes AY-AY-AAAAAY when he loses a life. Or maybe because of the game quality. Or maybe discovering that he's a character in a crap game and loses a life. Whatever.

D-Bug Team
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and yes, we know it's been done to the death.

But we really can't control ourselves. Sorry.

D-Bug Team
There once was a potato called Seymour. And it was called to go to Hollywood and star in a movie. And someone misplaced the script. And you have to help him find it.

Seymour Goes to Hollywood was supposed to be a game in the Dizzy series, but in the end it was decided to give the game a different character because the Oliver Twins decided that they didn't like real-world direction the game had taken.

We seriously hope that there's no trace of what they were smoking back then.
D-Bug Team
Chess. It's a Christmas game, right? I mean, don't you have fond memories playing with your relatives, and after hours of head scratching you would find the winning move, only to have your opponent beat you to it?


Well, we don't care, you're getting Sargon III anyway. So there.
D-Bug Team
Part 2 of Showaddywaddy's homage to The Law of Automation is up for grabs today: CJ in the USA. Have fun!
D-Bug Team
Part 1 of Showaddywaddy's homage to The Law of Automation is up for grabs today: CJ's Elephant Antics. Have fun!
D-Bug Team
So what, you decided to check back today? We thought that The Hoog would keep you occupied for a month or so....

No matter, we have something for you. Geoff Crammond's forgotten masterpiece, The Sentinel, has its day today. Read the manual, learn to play, enjoy!
D-Bug Team

...Well, we're not :P, so here's a so-so PD game to get the month started. Not even the guy who requested wanted it in the end, but that's not an excuse not to release it! Give it up for... The Hoog! The Hoog, ladies and gentlemen! The Hoog, give it up!
D-Bug Team

Now that we brightened up the place a bit, we thought we'd let you know that we've been sneakily slaving away for brand new patches, and starting tomorrow we're releasing them, one per day 'til Christmas (and who knows, maybe beyond that)!

So, make yourselves comfortable, get a cup of your favorite hot beverage and let us be your Atari's host for this month :)
D-Bug Team
Oh look! Reboot released another game! And this time it's for the Falcon!

Go get it!
D-Bug Team
He's back! He's angry! He can't be stopped! He's on a roll!

And he (Klaz) gives you.... Gauntlet!
D-Bug Team
Whooah! Klaz is in overdrive

Tonic Tile
Chase HQ

D-Bug Team
People thought we were dead, does anyone actually care? Whatever your views, Klaz breathes life into the patching world with Lombard RAC Rally. Finally a ULS Consortium release! Fear not, work has been going behind the scenes with some patches ready for the past 18 months! They should see the light of day very soon!
D-Bug Team
A double whammy, to keep you afloat from the hardware / professional drivel which currently stagnates the ST scene. We
The Atari Jaguar developers Reboot of JagWare have today announced the release of Downfall, a freely available game for the Atari Jaguar game console. The game was released at the AC 2011 party in France this weekend. Downfall is inspired by the games Spike Goes Down (Vectrex) and Man Goes Down (Atari 2600), both created by Alex Herbert.

The object of Downfall is to guide your character through a never-ending chasm on a series of platforms, carefully avoiding rising above or dropping below the viewable area of the screen. Reboot have released the game free for download in ROM, BJL, and CDI format. The source code to the game is also freely available to download from the Downfall website.
D-Bug Team
Powermonger is the next to grace the ULS trophy cabinet. Note: I
D-Bug Team
Another request from our forum which we've actioned. That Whittaker music brings back memories. So get your stomping boots on for "Rampage".

D-Bug Team
Shw is on a roll! Solomon's key is here for your pleasure! The usual work was done plus a trainer and level selector. So grab it, play it on your Atari and don't forget to mock Amiga users - it wasn't released for their machines!
D-Bug Team
Showaddywaddy is wearing his patching head for a few weeks
D-Bug Team
Sorry about the downtime! You see these server thingies have things called fans in them to stop them getting warm... and when they stop, it gets a little bit too warm... and the electrons inside all get a bit frisky and well, strange things like smoke appear.

All fixed now tho!
D-Bug Team
Who's still reading this pages??

Ah! There you are!

See? We released something today! It's a Falcon game! And it's not very good! But we did it without watching first! So it'd be a shame to delete it! Oh by the way, the game is Zodiax and here's the sound update for it. Try to enjoy it. We didn't.

Oh, and happy new year 2011!
D-Bug Team
One really annoying bug with Dpaint is its inability to load PI1
Hell a new release! I guess we act as a barometer of the Atari scene, which currently is not a good sign! But many of the core members are Rebooting at the moment. We'll strive to keep you ST kids happy though. Up today is a request from our forum, yes we do listen. Here's "Laser Squad" , fully HD'd allowing save games direct to your hard disk. Read more in the scroller.
D-Bug Team
While Showaddywaddy was digging through the archives, he unearthed a copy of the never released BSS Debug! We decided to send it to DHS for inclusion to their coding tools section. Enjoy!
D-Bug Team
Back from hibernation! Well it's not a release this time, merely a re-release. Our long time tester and friend Remo Williams did a high quality scan of Pirates! (arrrr!), so we updated the archive file with it.

Enjoy, and back to hibernation!
D-Bug Team
What's this? We've gone past the first half of the year with only 5 releases? So we're all lazy, so what? :)

Anyway, release #6 is here: The Lost World. Released for free by its author last month or so.

The reason for this release is very simple: the game runs perfectly fine on all plain 1mb ST/E machines, it will fail on anything else (i.e. if you load a lot of accessories or auto folder programs, or use a large hard disk cache). This version was tested on all Atari machines we could get hold of without any hiccups.

The second reason was to add some music to it. By sheer coincidence, Grazey of the PHF opened his drawer and found some unreleased Mad Max tunes and lent us one :). The archive has two versions of the game, one with music and one without (for the purists among you).

Anyway, that's quite enough for now. We'l be going back to sleep now...
D-Bug Team
After some field testing, it seems that my intro was causing trouble on some Falcons. So, with the help of ChrisTOS I managed to track down the problem and fix the issue.

You can re-download the game from yesterday's link, it is updated!
D-Bug Team
Back from sleeping, with a much requested title!

I guess Prince of Persia will bring back fond memories to most people. It did bring lots to me! Run, jump, slash, drink potions, timed switches, fun times!

Patching it for, well, anything that has TOS 2.06 or above was a complete hassle. Never mind the sample players being totally weird to begin with, the game would crash long before that. After a bit of thinking, that was fixed and so were the sample players (sort of). Then the joystick wouldn't respond! Then the fixed sample player would crash due to some bizarre code! Finally there was the hurdle of finding a copy of the game with the correct files (this proved to be a nightmare, as even Pasti versions have corrupt files).

In the end I had to mix and match files from various versions. Which led me to include both the English and French texts of the game. In the folder "Images", there are 2 folders called "English" and "French". You can copy/overwrite the files to "Images" and magically you''ll have translated the game! (If anyone has more languages, send some disk images!)

Anyway, that's quite enough. I did my best with it, hope it works on all machines and that you enjoy it. Oh, and as a bonus for you peeps with older machines, you get a brand new intro from !Cube/Aggression :)

P.S. If you haven't already, check out Jordan Mechner's old journals archive where he describes, with lots of details, the creation of the game :)
P.S. 2: If you''re whining about Cube's intro working on old machines only, it's because it needs an ST/E to function properly. MSTE owners can watch the intro by holding ALT while loading prince.prg (make sure you switch to 8mhz first!)
Our good friend Heavy Stylus from RGCD has just become a father again. We wish him, his wife and baby Jacob all the best from everyone here at D-Bug :-)
D-Bug Team
Reboot have released an updated version of Superfly DX for Jaguar - grab it from their site!
D-Bug Team
What? D-Bug hacking music apps? How low can they go?

Anyway, Evil/DHS asked me to remove the registration details from a registered version, so I thought ""oh whattahell"", and I spent 3 hours and did it!

So, head over to DHS, grab the archive, read the README and have fun with it!
Reboot of Jagware have released a new Atari Jaguar game, Superfly DX.

Head over to their website for further information.
D-Bug Team
As the old Automation saying went.. the wheels keep on turning! This time we bring you "Corporation" this version uses the games built in save routine redirected to hard-drive. See how2save.prg for further details and the accompanying doc. Oh and this is the only version with a fixed mouse routine, even the original game displayed this bug.
D-Bug Team
Just a quick shout out about some Jaguar goodies that Reboot have released.

Jaguar ULS:

A quick and easy method to create encrypted, bootable Jaguar CDs from your homebrew binaries.

CD Encryptor for Skunkboard:

A patched version of the BJL encryptor to work from skunkboards!

Beebris Tribute:

A kick-ass conversion of Beebris (available for the ST on our extras page, and HD fixed on Patches) for the Jaguar platform, with a premium version (Beebris SE) available to purchase!.

Head over to their recently refurbished main site here!
D-Bug Team
A nice game this time, with a weird file loader! We
D-Bug Team
This was 90% done in 2005! Anyway I finally took time to make 100%. So we give you "Sabotage" , a nice Goldrunner clone by German demosceners Byterapers.
D-Bug Team
Shw hits 2010 with a special offering for CJ and GGN, Dino Dini's faboulous Kick Off.
D-Bug Team
*D-Bug Cd200 - We WiSh YoU a MeRrY ChRiStMaS aNd A HaPpY NeW YEar! 2009*
D-Bug Team
He's on an adventure, exploring the mountains. He's been gone a long time.
D-Bug Team
I want a gorilla named Davy for beating up the skateboard kids who pull on my underwear. And he can take his orders from the talking walnut, so it won't be my bad thing.
D-Bug Team
Does your daddy have a safe?
D-Bug Team
Oh, my. What a terrible accident. Mm-mm-mm
D-Bug Team
Still nearly there!
D-Bug Team
But you promised no arcades! You said you'd only hustle Big and Tall.
D-Bug Team
Why don't you get going? You'll be late for your... Wizard of Oz Candy Bar Guild.
D-Bug Team
The world ain't fair. You've gotta take what you need when you can get it.
D-Bug Team
Is that your underwear?
D-Bug Team
I wished for a purple elephant, but now I want a pink elephant!
D-Bug Team
Keep pushing it, I got my eyes on you.
D-Bug Team

You might have noticed that the last couple of days the forum has been in maintenance mode and that it redirected to a URL that didn't work. Well, this is mostly because once again our generous hosts (www.streamline.net) have misinformed us and we went into panic mode trying to get everything up and running within a few hours.

Anyway, we managed to sort out our new home. The forum is already online and waiting for you here, while the main site is mostly up and running, but with a few quirks still need to be sorted out here.

We're really sorry about the downtime, so we decided to give our gracious hosts the Christmas gift of bandwidth consumption early. This means we re-uploaded all the CD parts up till #2, so you're free to go berserk on them! Merry Christmas Streamline!

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
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D-Bug Team
Still nearly there!
D-Bug Team
Your pants are awful baggy, you got something in there?
D-Bug Team
Just back off, Will, I got this. I got this! Okay, 30%. That's three of us. 30%, that's fair.
D-Bug Team
Shw makes a suprise appearance with a really crap game. Tell him it was food poisoning or something.
D-Bug Team
Put the drink down right now. Put the drink down right now!
D-Bug Team
I was going to pay for it.
D-Bug Team
Suprise additional xmas gift!

Here's a version of IK+ "that doesn't spaz out on an STE" - I thought uploading it today "would be nice."

(PS. Doesn't work on Falcon or TT)
D-Bug Team
I just can't help it. There's something about the guy that makes me uneasy.
D-Bug Team
Nearly there.
D-Bug Team
Why doesn't Cheetara have 6 nipples?
D-Bug Team
OMG! A good game. Pinch me!
D-Bug Team
This game is damn near uncontrollable. We definitely recommend drinking while driving for this one. It might make it less tedious.

I said, "Next," goddamn it! This is not the DMV!
D-Bug Team
This game is dedicated to our favourite Hungarian troll. A more apt title could not be located anywhere. Merry Christmas, Mr Crashware!
D-Bug Team
This year's theme for us is "Bad Santa" - so with that in mind we "suggest you shit in one hand and wish in the other, and see which one fills up first." Here's a much requested title that required no work at all. See, you could have done this yourself.
D-Bug Team
And here's the tl;dr version of yesterday's news item.
D-Bug Team
So, with the last day in November here (remember, I'm a day ahead of you) and summer about to enter into full swing (ah yes, its dark and cold and miserable in the Northern Hemisphere now isn't it?) we flick the website into auto-pilot, contact our amazing hosts streamline.net (you guys suck ass) and cancel our domain and hosting, leave a live hand grenade on the Complaints Dept front desk and head off to enjoy Christmas with our families.

Oh, and D-Bug CD200 (Part 4/18) can be found here.
D-Bug Team
D-Bug CD200 (Part 5/18) can be found here.

One file a week, until Christmas. Please don't try to guess the filenames for the other parts, they won't be uploaded until the news goes live for

that week ;-)
(BTW, part06.rar is gone now - hope you snagged it!)
D-Bug Team

D-Bug CD200 (Part 6/18) can be found here.

One file a week, until Christmas. Please don't try to guess the filenames for the other parts, they won't be uploaded until the news goes live for that week ;-)
(BTW, part07.rar is gone now - hope you snagged it!)

(P.S. link fixed)
D-Bug Team
Another week, another 200+ downloads. But at least we had TWO BRAVE PEOPLE who had the courtesy to say 'Thank you' this time!

D-Bug CD200 (Part 7/18) can be found here.

One file a week, until Christmas. Please don't try to guess the filenames for the other parts, they won't be uploaded until the news goes live for that week ;-)
(BTW, part08.rar is gone now - hope you snagged it!)
D-Bug Team
We're late this week as we were thinking of hosting this week's file on crapidshare and let the first 10 people get it. Anyhoo........

D-Bug CD200 (Part 8/18) can be found here.

One file a week, until Christmas. Please don't try to guess the filenames for the other parts, they won't be uploaded until the news goes live for that week ;-)

(BTW, part09.rar is gone now - hope you snagged it!)
D-Bug Team
Armour Geddon [M]ST[e]/F30/TT/HD/+/Manual/BoxArt

Not unworking load/save (unlike some other version)
Not quitting after 2 minutes gameplay (unlike some other version)
Not missing the 4 missions on the data disk (unlike some other version)
Not requiring 4mb, just 2mb (unlike some other version)
Only one loader (unlike some other version with 3, 2 of which bomb)
The complete picture from the box-art (unlike some other flickery version)
Non-hilarious bodged up crack/patch (unlike some other version)

Also, the ULS code was not developed just days after the public release of the GAMEX source code. We are still waiting for the release of GAC (which was supposed to be a complete revolution for HD patching) so we can throw this ULS crap away.

Many thanks to Remo Williams for the manual, psygnosis.org for the box art, and sewer software for the keyguide. Not forgetting RobC for the source crack.

Enjoy folks!
D-Bug Team
I felt like swapping RARs earlier, so here you go. After all, with only 150 to 180 downloads per week and zero feedback, no one seems to care, right?

D-Bug CD200 (Part 9/18) can be found here.

One file a week, until Christmas. Please don't try to guess the filenames for the other parts, they won't be uploaded until the news goes live for that week ;-)
(BTW, part10.rar is gone now - hope you snagged it!)
D-Bug Team
Everyone still with us? I have to say, once again, the feedback is overwhelming ;-)

D-Bug CD200 (Part 10/18) can be found here.

One file a week, until Christmas. Please don't try to guess the filenames for the other parts, they won't be uploaded until the news goes live for that week ;-)
(BTW, part11.rar is gone now - hope you snagged it!)
[0/3 Preserved]
D-Bug CD200 (Part 11/18) can be found here.

One file a week, until Christmas. Please don't try to guess the filenames for the other parts, they won't be uploaded until the news goes live for that week ;-)
(BTW, part12.rar is gone now - hope you snagged it!)
D-Bug Team
D-Bug CD200 (Part 12/18) can be found here.

One file a week, until Christmas. Please don't try to guess the filenames for the other parts, they won't be uploaded until the news goes live for that week ;-)
(BTW, part13.rar is gone now - hope you snagged it!)
D-Bug Team
D-Bug CD200 (Part 13/18) can be found here.

One file a week, until Christmas. Please don't try to guess the filenames for the other parts, they won't be uploaded until the news goes live for that week ;-)
(BTW, part14.rar is gone now - hope you snagged it!)
D-Bug Team
D-Bug CD200 (Part 14/18) can be found here.

One file a week, until Christmas. Please don't try to guess the filenames for the other parts, they won't be uploaded until the news goes live for that week ;-)
(BTW, part15.rar is gone now - hope you snagged it!)
D-Bug Team
So CJ fell asleep before uploading the new part. I suppose I'd better do something about it...
Just a quick note.

I forgot to swap the files over and give you the next rar on Sunday. I'll do it when I get home from work tonight :-) (Promise!)
D-Bug CD200 (Part 16/18) can be found here.

One file a week, until Christmas. Please don't try to guess the filenames for the other parts, they won't be uploaded until the news goes live for that week ;-)
(BTW, part17.rar is gone now - hope you snagged it!)
D-Bug Team
Reboot have released the demo of their jaguar game, Project One - head over to their site for the download link.
D-Bug Team
D-Bug CD200 (Part 17/18) can be found here.

One file a week, until Christmas. Please don't try to guess the filenames for the other parts, they won't be uploaded until the news goes live for that week ;-)
(BTW, part18.rar is gone now - hope you snagged it!)
D-Bug Team
D-Bug CD200 (Part 18/18) can be found here.

One file a week, until Christmas. Please don't try to guess the filenames for the other parts, they won't be uploaded until the news goes live for that week ;-)
D-Bug Team
As the CD should be spreading more and more by now, we would like to make some points here that we made clear to the people that got their hands on their original lightscribed copies:

(a) Do not upload the contents of the CD online. We will be hosting the CD online ourselves sometime, but it is our wishes that noone else would do that before us.

(b) Do not include any of the contents of the CD to any compilation that's meant for profit.

(c) Do not sell the CD. Charging for the postage is, as always, acceptable, but personal profit is out of the question.

It took us years to compile all this data into the CD and we didn't ask money out of anyone. We released the CD free of charge so that all people will enjoy its contents. This doesn't mean that we want people to profit from it.

If you notice any acts that violate what has been written above, please notify us by email or on the forum.

D-Bug Team
Taking a break from all the fame and fortune CD #200 brought us (ahem!), we're back with 2 games for you all greedy peeps: Pirates! and Civilization.

Pirates! was an easy one to do, but a damn good game all the same! The archive contains full docs and is set up to work on all machines. However, if you play it on anything other than a Falcon then copy the file from the ST folder to the game folder for that extra little bit of performance boost :)

Civilization seemed much easier on surface, but it took an unexpected long time to get going right. SSR from Automation has patched some Falcon problems a long time ago, and we would have been content to release that as-is, but it had problems on machines with more than 4 megs of RAM (even Steem in fact!). After fiddling out with it, the bug was found and killed (read more about it on the intro text!). While we were looking at the code, we also found a huge WTF regarding the game palette: it was actually stored in 12-bit (i.e. STE) but it was chopped down to 9-bit (STFM). So the offending code was taken out and now it looks better! Finally, full docs have been included (both in scanned format and text).

Many thanks must go to Remo Williams for extensive testing and providing with the manuals.

Right then, back to sleep!
D-Bug Team
Mr Morden of Reboot just sent me a PM to say that the simple-minded folk in the Jaguar community are being Hard-Of-Understanding once again.

So, I'll say it here in simple, easy to understand words for them.

D-BUG / AUTOMATION are ***NOT*** Reboot. We're just hosting them.

Clear? Good. Now STFU about Jaguars. We're all ST/Falcon here. Jesus, if I'd known what a complete farce the Jaguar people were like I would never have released Jetpac.
D-Bug Team
Today we took 10 mins looking at Jetpac and why it crashes (cheers Shw, ChrisTOS and sh3 for finding that bug live in the compo :P). Funny what a wrong label can do eh?

Anyway, get the fixed version here, and we'll be off to sleep again.

Have fun!
D-Bug Team
As D-Bug is winding down to a possibly long hibernation period, we're quite pleased to announce that a new group, called reboot have started up to code for the ST, Falcon and Jaguar systems.

We have donated them a chunk of real estate on the internet at our domain hosting, and you can find them here.

Good luck folks!
D-Bug Team
It seems there's some "confusion" amongst people who cannot read at all, don't read things properly, or just generally own a Jaguar and "fit in with the crowd."

Jetpac is available for download here, at the link below, where it says CJ's Jetpac port for the Jaguar (yay!). I think we made that clear enough. It's been a perfectly good enough link method to use for hundreds of Atari ST/Falcon owners for years, but apparently people with Ataris without keyboards need additional help. (Not including Lynx/26xx/56xx/72xx owners who are, frankly, above all this nonsense)

So..... Jetpac is not on CD-200 and is freely available for download from us. Please do not host it elsewhere, but feel free to link to it.


D-Bug Team
Just shown at Outline 2009, our (possibly) last 2 releases, get em while they're still hot:

Our bootsector
CJ's Jetpac port for the Jaguar (yay!). We strongly suggest to buy, borrow or steal a Skunkboard for your viewing pleasure. BJL or similar solutions should work too.
D-Bug Team
On the glorious day of the 21st of May, 2009, otherwise known as Outline 2009, we (the management) have released the long-awaited final D-Bug CD to be issued.

But! Being the sneaky D-Buggers we always were, things are going to be different for this, our final voyage into menu land.

Less than 30 disks have been produced, and they have been issued to a few select people via mail and Outline. The image for CD200 will not be hosted online by us for quite a while (if ever). Yes thats right, if you want it you will have to get it the old fashioned way - via the postal service! So eagerly await that jiffy bag hitting the doormat one morning in the future!

We ask that if you do receive one you do not make it available for download anywhere, but that you pass it along to someone via mail.

We will be opening a thread on our forum for you to post images of the parcels you receive (please photoshop your address out!) - on request we can even tell you which of the master copies your copy was reprouced from.

So, what is on CD200 I hear you ask? Well, for starters its a tad larger than our normal 820k disks.... as it is a CD-ROM containing

* CD200 Ninja Remix (F30 Amiga TFMX), Jim Power, Robbo, LethalXS Beta, Substation - All HD installable and F30 fixed (Except LXSBeta!)
* All D-Bug menus released to date.
* All patches released by us over the last few years, and several new ones that we have not put online.
* The latest build of ULS3 along with supporting documentation and example files.
* Content from our website.

To everyone active in the Atari scene - we salute you!

Cyrano Jones / Showaddywaddy / GGN / Melcus / Dubmood
D-Bug Team
Another memory best left in the head. They're never as good when you confront them again years later....

Rolling Thunder.
D-Bug Team
Hewson always did have some good games... this one is quite an interesting shooter. Today's fun is Netherworld!
D-Bug Team
"You'll like this... Not a lot... but you'll like it" said Paul Daniels.

He lied.
D-Bug Team
You'd be really Narc'd off if you have paid for this.
D-Bug Team
Ah... another "Golden Oldie" - without much comment here's Fire Blaster!
D-Bug Team
Today we bring you something a bit special, an unreleased prototype of a game from the author of Nitro. We were very pleased to be contacted by Jamie and allowed to fix the code a bit so it runs on all TOS versions, and also via the magic of ULS make it HD installable. Please note you will require 1mb to run this due to the memory requirements for ULS – the prototype itself ran with just 512k before the TOS and HD patches were added.

For more information about this great prototype please visit http://www.jamiewoodhouse.co.uk.

Here's Sideways! [ZIP] / [MSA
D-Bug Team
What on Earth was whoever did the graphics for this one smoking?

The only way to describe E-Swat is with utter amazement! Quality control isn't what it used to be!
D-Bug Team
"I want that game cracked and fixed, Commander, Not excuses!"

From the most wretched hive of scum and villiany (D-Bug Central) we bring you The Empire Strikes Back.
D-Bug Team
If you're looking for some fun,
You can always count upon,
Come and find the one they call...
D-Bug Team
Another one from our favourite software house of the past.

Grab Death Strike and be amazed by the graphics and sound.
D-Bug Team
Yay for a much neglected game format - the sideways scrolling guitar 'em up!

The only thing it could possibly be is Motorhead
D-Bug Team
And to end the month... here is a very cute SEGA game that's probably slipped under most of your noses.

Grab Action Fighter!
D-Bug Team
Can you escape from Alcatraz?
D-Bug Team
It's like being locked in a room with PC and Amiga sceners. Yes, here is Bad Company - Space Harrier without the flying... or the fun.
D-Bug Team
"Dive my hawkmen, dive! Who wants to live forever?" said the great Zoltan in Flash Gordon...

Which has absolutely nothing to do with Battlehawks 1942.
D-Bug Team
Continuing our commitment to the ST community to keep the ULS project open source for everyone, I have just uploaded the most recent build that we are using, and also updated the documentation.

If you need any further information, or think something is incorrect in the documentation (or ULS code) then please feel free to participate in open discussions on our forum.

This build contains many bugfixes over the last version I made available for the public and I strongly recommend anyone who was working with the code to upgrade immediatly.

Happy patching!

Cyrano "ULS" Jones
Back to the past with Back To The Future - Part 2.
D-Bug Team
Back to some classic gaming with Double Dragon II.
D-Bug Team
Wow. I haven't ripped a raw data game into files in years. Ah how the memories slowly come flooding back. Ok this was done quite quickly this afternoon, so if you have any problems with it let us know.

XJ220 ULS HD Installable - So just like nearly all the other entries in their database, the HD installable field is wrong for this one too.

Note: Not fixed for Falcon/TT (And not likely to be either) - Needs lots of RAM (The 'original' did as well)

Whoops! Seems like I missed out a few files - Ah well, I did say it had been years since I did one! I've updated the zipfile link above so please grab it again and sorry for the inconvenience.
Preserved [0/3]
John Travolta and Nick Cage slug it out in this great Ocean platform game based on the hit movie.

Face Off.

Bet you never thought you would wish the first sentence would be true?
D-Bug Team
How to describe this? Bad graphics, bad sound, bad gameplay.... but have we not already done Top Bananna?

Another gem from Zeppelin. Grab International Truck Racing.
D-Bug Team
Just when you thought it was over, here's Nightbreed - The Arcade Game.
D-Bug Team
Heavy Stylus and co. have finally managed to bring out another issue of RGCD, which we assume that you have already checked out (and given praise because it's really a very nice creation :)).

We thought we'd give it an extra mention here because James is actually a member of our testing team. Oh, and he dared to interview us and actually publish the interview. So, download the mag and enjoy!
D-Bug Team
Quiz Time.

We want you to find the game in this and post where you found it to the forums!

Here's Nightreed the Non Interactive Movie.
D-Bug Team
We're too old for this shit.
D-Bug Team
We don't even think this is a game. Hard to believe these folks made Zybex.

Grab and flush Round The Bend.
D-Bug Team
It's Marble Madness... in German!!!

Time to play with your balls in Star Trash!
D-Bug Team
A slow, jerky, unplayable mess turns into a faster, jerky unplayable mess.

Welcome to Stun Runner!
D-Bug Team
Good ol' Klaz did another release yesterday.

An old proverb goes like this: ""If you can't say a good word about something, then don't say anything"". So we choose not to say anything about Global commander (aka Armageddon man)
D-Bug Team
Switchblade has been on our W.I.P. list for 2 years... but we eventually finished it!
D-Bug Team
Well, well, well....

Today we have Their Finest Hour - The Battle For Britain.

Why? Well, we feel it's nice to have a manual and a keyguide for a flight sim (Thanks to RemoW and Heavy Stylus for these

It's also nice if a HD installed version actually works and saves to HD. Unlike some other recently released version.
D-Bug Team
New month, new patch.

Here we have Violator. A nice scrolly shooter to start March off with.
D-Bug Team
Sorry we're not posting daily at the moment, real life is more important.

Anyway, today's release is Shadow Dancer. As one of our playtesters commented....

"16Mhz speed significantly faster. As easily measured and verified in NDTWPS (Ninja Dog Tail Wags Per Second)."

Till next time!
D-Bug Team
"There's a strom coming to us? What's a strom?"
- Kelly Bundy
D-Bug Team
Another Klaz release!

To quote from his site:

"A phrase I encountered on the Lemon Amiga site sums up this game quite nicely: Asteroids on steroids! Prepare for a sore thumb if you intend to play this game for more than just a few minutes. Not much more to be said ... it runs a bit faster on 16MHz machines, but still plays very well at that speed."

Grab it Here!
D-Bug Team
This one is for Evil/DHS: Just Musix 2 patched for hard drives! This is one of the early DHS demos, and because it uses a track loader, it was impossible to install to hard drive, until now :)

P.S. For those of you that use the RSS feed, please note that we have changed the link in order to provide us more flexibility, so please update that on your RSS reader!
D-Bug Team
Pro Boxing Simulator - it's dull, so add it to your archive!
D-Bug Team
"I am The Law".
The Law
Just for Mikro.

D-Bug Team
A nice little platformer to idle your way into springtime.

D-Bug give you James Pond (Underwater Agent)

Nothing more to be said as I
D-Bug Team
ZZZZZzzzzzzz..... What? We forgot to post news yesterday? Oh well, not that anyone cares (judging from the enormous feedback we get in general).

Anyhow, let's fix this: For yesterday we got Sonic boom. The extra speed from faster machines is definitely an improvement on this.

And for today, we could just mention the brilliant service DHS opened 2 days back called VideoDB (which you should check out, since it's excellent!). Browsing through the lists of captured demos, we came across Kruz'z Beyond demo, which is an excellent (but not well known) demo, which doesn't run in STEem due to emulation inaccuracies during the protection bit (which is conviniently stored on the bootsector). So we thought we'd fix this, and we did!

Phew! That's enough for today. See you (hopefully) tomorrow.
D-Bug Team
An oddity here.

If anyone can work out how to play this please let us know! Anyway, click here for Flip-it and Magnose!
D-Bug Team
Thanks to Klaz I can remove another title from my Work In Progress folder! He's really been busy this month, and here is another one from him.

Meep! Meep! Road Runner
D-Bug Team
I know we gave you a big long list of the titles we had ready - but you didn't honestly think we'd tell you everything did you?

Here's Torvak The Warrior
D-Bug Team
Walk right... stop... shoot... walk right.... stop... shoot... I think Ming The Merciless reviews this game perfectly with "The Defenders of the Earth are so predictable"
D-Bug Team
In respect to all the deleted posts and threads on Atari forums around the world that were removed before their time, we're having a day of rest.
D-Bug Team
Today's news is that we've spent so long working on the ST Archive and the 8-Bit Archive that there isn't going to be a patch release for today!

Maybe tomorrow... "I'm covered in bees!!!!"
D-Bug Team
More from Klaz - he really is on a roll this month!

This time he's done one of our all-time favourite games, Flying Shark

Head over to his website and grab a copy now!
D-Bug Team
Cracked and filed by Iceman! way back in the mists of time comes a game that has for many years been waiting for an atari fast enough to run it.

That machine still does not exist, but this version brings it a little closer to playable.

Here's Pitfighter!

Did we mention it was Cracked and Filed by Iceman? Because it's rude to take credit for someone else's work.
D-Bug Team
"Handle with kid gloves, Handle with kid gloves, Then you learn the lessons, Taught in school won't be enough, Put on your kid gloves, Put on your kid gloves, Then you learn the lesson, That it's cool to be so tough."

Oh, almost forgot. Here's the link.
D-Bug Team
Klaz seems to be on a roll the last few days, here's another from him - this time Wrangler!

Again, we link directly to his download page. Enjoy!
D-Bug Team
Back to the action with Twin Turbo!

I feel a scroller-esque text message coming on. Appearing soon on a website near you (All done, and in testing! At least we don't have to squeeze them together into 800k chunks!)

Kid Gloves II, Flip It and Magnose, Sonic Boom, Predator II, Judge Dredd, Pro Boxing Simulator, Defenders of the Earth, Alien Storm, Star Trash, Pitfighter, Battlehawks 1942, Shadow Dancer, Double Dragon II, Violator, Bad Company, Stun Runner, Motorhead, Their Finest Hour The Battle for Britain, Astro Marine Corps, Mega-Lo-Mania and Robozone.

All 1mb (min) memory / F30 / non-wanky-easy-clicko versions with HD load/saves! So that's what is in store for February. See you in 24 hours ;-)
D-Bug Team
Taking a break from the arcade action games, here is Psygonsis' Obitus. As usual, fully hard disk installable (duh! it's what we do!) with HD load/save!

More tomorrow!
D-Bug Team
He said he'd be back...

Only took him 19 years! Today we give you all Total Recall.

"If I am not me, den who da hell am I? Now, dis is da plan. Get your ass to Mars."

Don't forget where you got it from and come back tomorrow.
D-Bug Team
Another one from Klaz!

This time it's Steigar, which was requested by a few people (Apparently some people have a STOS fetish? No, I know it's not STOS but it could have been!)

Anyway, more sterling work from him. We've linked to his site as usual.

In the words of "The Littlest Hobo" ...... "Until tomorrow I'll just keep moving on."
(And now hopefully you will have that annoying tune stuck in your head all day... my work here is complete!)
D-Bug Team
OK, lets start a new month by granting a patch request.

We were asked to fix this a while back by one of our testing team and it has been in the test queue for a few weeks now so it's time to let it fly.

Enjoy Captain Fizz!
D-Bug Team
Well, that's another month over with so lets leave January shaken, not stirred with James Pond 2.

The cache option has been left selectable so you can see how insane things are - so please don't report any bugs when using cache.

See you in February!
D-Bug Team
Another 'Advanced' game... oh when oh when can we go back to simpler times? Well, actually, any time you want to save in it as we really could not be bothered patching the load/save routines for HD (It's doubtful anyone would ever care enough to save a game anyway!)

So if you wish to engage in your masochistic tendancies, have a floppy disk ready because here is Codemasters' Advanced Rugby Simulator.

We'll have something better for you tomorrow. Promise. Maybe. Just have to wait, won't you? Yes.
D-Bug Team
29th January... 29 releases this month....

Well it will be with this one... here's Terminator II - the first title to make it out of the door using ULS 3.12. Please let us know if you encounter any issues with it.

So.. 29 days.. 29 releases... not to mention the 50 for December. That's a lot of time invested by us and our testing team, and I doubt we can maintain the release rate for much longer while preserving our quality control. So, if you want to continue to leech away at not only our files but also our enthusiasm, why not just start this download going and walk away without offering to help. After all, the ST scene is huge, right? Someone else will do it. Alternativly, click here and become part of it all.

D-Bug - Quality and Quantity. But not if we're taken for granted. The quality will never slip, but without more testers you can bet the quantity will.
D-Bug Team
Today's release comes from Klapauzius and is none other than the classic Populous!

Go and visit his website and check it out - you won't be dissapointed.
D-Bug Team
Oscar Wilde once said "Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man's original virtue. It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and through rebellion."

However, through Rebellion all you are likely to get is a feeling that the screen should somehow be scrolling. Still, its a fun little game.

D-Bug Team
Oriental Games is another terrible title in the 'Games' series of terrible games.

So, waste some HD space and install and forget it. That's what we've done.
D-Bug Team
Sometimes coming up with blurb is more hastle than actually fixing the game in question.

So here's Blinky's Scary School

So... no comments about the latest releases on the forum? If nobody is going to play them maybe we can let our testing standards slip?
D-Bug Team
This one is appropriate given its 40c and the middle of the summer. Ahhh... all hail the creator of air conditioners! So, while you are all sitting around in T-Shirts and shorts looking up at the clear, blue sky and drinking a cold one, why not play Summer Games I and II?

What do you mean you don't live in the Southern Hemisphere?
D-Bug Team
Time's are tough. The global economy is in a crunch. Good job Codemasters are here with budget software! Or is it....

Here's Advanced Ski Simulator. I'm not sure about what is so "advanced" about it as it's just left, right, and mash fire to move forwards until you crash painfully into the first tree.

Maybe F10 is the Advanced part?

Runs on ST/F30/TT - 1mb.
D-Bug Team
With our website feeling so alive at the moment, time for a game about the un-dead.

Here's Spikey In Transylvania for you all to enjoy. Or un-enjoy. Or whatever :)

Until tomorrow.....
D-Bug Team
From one of the best to one of the worst - If anyone finds anything wrong with this release you can bet that we'll ignore it for a while. This is SO BAD nobody even wanted to test it.... it was discovered in the dungeon, hiding behind Shadow of the Beast with other classics such as Mud Pies and Top Bananna on top of it.

With no write up and no guarantee of it working fully, here's WWF European Rampage
D-Bug Team
D-Bug are very pleased to finally be able to give you:-

Legends of Valour! - a large, sprawling RPG featuring some very nice 3D texture mapping, which is vastly improved on the Falcon.

Please read the scroller on the intro for some specific instructions and remember that you MUST run it from ST-Low Resolution.
D-Bug Team
Today's patch is Battleships!

Probably not the best game in the world, but definatly not the worst, and suprisingly good fun for such a simple game idea.


I've re-uploaded Video Kid as yesterday's release contained the wrong .TOS file and will crash - Sorry about this, the game gave us a lot of problems during patching (several test versions) and I must have grabbed the wrong one to upload for you.
D-Bug Team
Time for a colourful scrolly shoot-em-up for a change of pace! This time the cutesy cartoonish game from Gremlin called Video Kid

Enjoy all 18 levels, or give it a miss and catch the re-runs.
D-Bug Team
What's this?? A semi-good Tiertex game???? Surely not! (And don't call me Leslie Neilson!)

Thunderblade requires 2mb.

Would you like to join the D-Bug testing team? Apply here if you think you have what it takes!
D-Bug Team
Another Core Design game bites the dust.

Here's Warzone.

Quite a nice Commando / Ikari Warriors rip-off - Looks like it might be using the 'Frenetic' game engine, only this time they put a game in there with it :)
D-Bug Team
Another day, another patch. Go click Wacky Races and have a blast.

1mb, etc ;-)
D-Bug Team
In the words of Bart himself:

"I never thought it was humanly possible, but this both sucks and blows"

Here's The Simpsons - Bart vs The Space Mutants

1mb, all systems (including the TT!)
D-Bug Team
Another jolly happy game from Codemasters. About a stuntman. Who is super.

Grab it here!
D-Bug Team
Time for another escape from our vault, where we keep bad games locked up until they've learnt their lesson. This one has been in a padded room on medication for quite long enough.

Here is Psygnosis' Shadow of the Beast II which really would have been better off left on the Amiga :)

I'd say 'enjoy' - but I think 'endure' is more accurate.

Req: 1mb, runs everywhere except TT.
D-Bug Team
Here's one that I did way before Christmas, but I thought it didn't work because the audio was broken.... However I just discovered that it's on the "List of things that shouldn't work in Steem" so here it finally is!

Enjoy Ork!
D-Bug Team
I've just put our new search page online - it's quite an improvement from the old one, but some of the Automation screenshots are missing - if you spot a missing one could you please post it on our forums and we will add it as soon as possible.
D-Bug Team
We are very pleased to announce the opening of our new disk archive section - you can find it by clicking "Archive" in the top banner on this page.

As you all know, a complete working collection of all the major menu crews cannot be found anywhere online in one place. We hope to rectify this with this section.

The contents are being uploaded as this news item is being written, so please give us a few days to get it all online.

Automation and Bad Brew Crew menus will be made available after we have released our DVD with them on.

Comments about this post can be made on our forum. Please let us know if you find any of the missing disks, or notice any of our images are corrupted.
D-Bug Team
Having to wait until mid-day so the clock on the webserver flips to the next day is a pain sometimes :)

Righto now it's the 2nd in server-land (corr, wasn't she the baddie in Blake's 7?) let's let another one escape into the wild.....

Double Dragon III - The Rosetta Stone is quite a nice game, and now you can install it to your hard drives.
D-Bug Team
2008 left us Dizzy, so let's kick off 2009 with a batch of eggs we didn't want to crack:

Treasure Island Dizzy
Fantasy World Dizzy
Magic Land Dizzy
Spellbound Dizzy
Prince of the Yolkfolk
Crystal Kingdom Dizzy
Fast Food
Kwik Snax
Bubble Dizzy
Panic Dizzy

(And a happy new year from all at D-Bug)
D-Bug Team
Can someone say "Release #50"?

Jupiter's Masterdrive is the lucky winner!

So that's another year done. We certainly had lots of fun once again, we hope you did too. We already have stuff ready in the pipeline which are ready to be released, just have to pass through quality control.

Hope you're all getting drunk instead of reading this, and have a nice year!
D-Bug Team
New Years Eve 2008.... Release 49 - can we make it to 50? (Yes, I know if you count up from where I said 42, it actually comes to 48... but I counted wrong, and that was 43)

From Shw we have the ultimate 'spit the dummy' game - Brat!

No temper tantrums now!
D-Bug Team
Now this game is weird... really weird.

Shw of D-Bug gives you Wizkid

As usual it's HD installable and works on all flavours of Atari's. Hi-Scores are also saved to HD.I still prefer the original Wizball on the C64, but at least it makes up for the monstrous ST Wizball.
D-Bug Team
Another Ocean game with a really nice title screen and a pathetic game underneath based on a movie. Well, they can't all be Batman, can they?

Here we have Darkman

Runs with 1mb, F30, MSTE.. ad nausuim

(Again I forgot to post it, Dalek Attack is 1mb as well)
D-Bug Team
Now here's a rare treat!

Based on that classic episode that we all remember so well, where the good Doctor climbs onto a flying zimmerframe and enters the London sewers shooting Daleks with a torch. Ah... the memories.

Here's Dr Who - Dalek Attack

All together now.... Allons-y!
D-Bug Team
One of our many fans requested this.. and as I had a spare 10 minutes I thought it would be nice to give him a late Christmas gift.

Here's Hook! - Fully HD with Load/Save, Falcon Fixed, etc, etc (Requires 2mb)

D-Bug Team
Here is a game with a pest problem, and we don't mean it's infected with horrible little rodents.

Requested by a forum member (*waves* to Heavy Stylus!) we have here quite a neat game - Bonanza Bros

If you have a PeST connected (and it hasn't been updated by Techie Ali) then the game will lock on the player select screen. Please, no bug reports about this one!

1mb/HD/ULSv3/NoBrain la-de-dah.
D-Bug Team
To quote Grandpa Fred: They put me on at 3am. People who are awake at 3am aren't afraid of the Wolfman. The only thing that frightens those people is sobering up and going to work.

Next up is Gremlins 2: The New Batch, requires 2mb, HD, no HOLE, and you don't have to GAC up anything to play it.

(Release 42 for December I do believe?)
D-Bug Team
The wheels of compaction never cease.

Next up, a cute platform game called "Viking Child"

D-Bug Team
Wow, it's busy at the newsdesk today!

Another request... another quick fix! And this time, it's a really good game!

So, without wasting my time writing this dribble, click here and download Rubicon!

Requires 1mb, runs from HD/F30/Blah blah blah blah.
D-Bug Team
Something that was actually requested on the forum! (I can't imagine anyone actually wanting to play this plop either!)

Anyway, this time, hopefully for the final time anyone sees this title, it's Final Fight

Run's in 1mb, HD, yadda yadda yadda you know the drill.

PS. Extase is 1mb... just thought I'd add that as once again I forgot to mention it in the news.
D-Bug Team
Righto, another one!

Here's our (new) version of No Second Prize

This one is happy in 1mb (So much for ULS requiring more RAM!) and has working HD compatible load/save.
D-Bug Team
The juggernaut keeps on rolling... well, it hardly takes much when they only take 10-15 minutes each to patch, now does it?

Here's Extase

Something a even more different than something completely different!
D-Bug Team
And now... for something completely different!

Monty Python's Flying Circus

2mb.. Fully HD.. Done in 8 minutes (With witnesses timing) Oh how my ULS hurts, maybe I should have used my brain instead?
D-Bug Team
Time for a classic.

Here's Elite

This one runs in 1mb, all TOS (Of course, also Falcon), and obviously has full load/save support from the in game screen - Plus you don't need any poncy twaddle in your AUTO folder ;-)
D-Bug Team
This time it's Lemmings II: The Tribes

This one obviously lets you load and save your progress, as we doubt very much you'd complete it in one sitting..... Of course, it also works on the Falcon (Dodgy shadow register YM writes removed)

(Requires 2mb)

BTW. F19 will work with 1mb of ram. I forgot to add that last night :)
D-Bug Team
Now that the silly season is over, let's get back to what we do best. Fixing stuff for HD and Falcon Patching. As was mentioned on our forum, we have a whole heap of stuff ready to roll, so let's kick off with F19 Stealth Fighter.

This version will save the roster to the HD, so no annoying floppy required (Hurah for ULS!) - Also included is a quick key guide and a rather hefty combat manual (Thanks HS!)

D-Bug Team
Santa has been watching you all year.... and you've been bad... so you get: this...
D-Bug Team
Just found a QR creator, so if any of you are sad enough to have a QR enabled mobile phone, point the camera at these and click away.

Sorry about this, today's is actually quite playable. It's still utter plop tho ;-)

Here's Plutos!
D-Bug Team
Another game that took longer than the Earth has been orbiting the sun to fix. We had to disassemble the entire game and convert it into z80 and back before it would even start on a standard ST, and eventually ported it to ST-Basic and hand drew the graphics ourselves.

Here it is, the game Defender wished it was: Socks from your Gran for Christmas!
D-Bug Team
And here it is! We could restrain ourselves no more... We really wanted to keep that for Christmas release, but we thought it was too good to be kept from you much longer!

What else is there to say? Patching and testing this game gave all of us the shivers, we are all so proud we could present you such quality... Really... Stop reading and go play this....
D-Bug Team
Is it Superman? Is it a plane? Is it a bird?

Yes! It is! Here by popular demand, is the patched version of the megamighty Edd The Duck!
D-Bug Team
Gauntlet on Acid? No not really... this is what happens when you take a great idea and suck all the fun and pleasure out of it. Enjoy!
D-Bug Team
Some people doubt our intention of fixing everything. Here's more proof. Done in 10 mins no less!

Quote from the game: "This Checkers program is the outcome of work by 3 independant authors". We think that this sums the game's quality up neatly. Enjoy!
D-Bug Team
Since we insist of going back to the roots lately, why not include Tetris? And so we did!
D-Bug Team
Ron J Fortier. Ah how well we remember him from such classics as "Bruce Lee" and "Zaxxon" on the a8, and Stunt Island on the PC.

Well, in between all of those he wrote this little gem of a game, called Monkey Business!

How High Can You Try?
D-Bug Team
Is it the 8th already??? Wow, time flies so fast when your having fun.... Anyway, we don't know about mince pies, but we're sure Santa will love Mudpies!

This one only took us an ice-age to fix. Almost 99% of the code was incompatible with the Falcon. In fact, we re-wrote it completely in STOS.
D-Bug Team
Without any fanfare, here's Steve Bak's masterpiece!
D-Bug Team
Sorry for being a bit late today, we battled nearly one week to get this one running. Without further ado, here's Arcade Classiques Vol.1!
D-Bug Team
Here's Ripcord!

An awesome little game that took us several days to fix for the Falcon.

I think you'll agree, it's better than Wings of Death.
D-Bug Team

None of us are having much fun doing this again this year. Maybe it's a sign of the times, with the Atari scene decaying away. Anyway, before we lose all interest completely here's all we had ready.

Switchblade II
Pro powerboat simulator
Helter Skelter 90
Dogs of War
Cloud Kingdoms
Lure of the temptress
Robocop III (HD only - NOT F30)
California Games
Mean Machine
Space Gun
Wings of Death (Falcon enhanced - uses the Amiga 7-channel tracks - thanks to Cream for the replay code!)

Out-take: Moonshine racers

See you again next year.

Best wishes, D-Bug!
D-Bug Team
Wot? No platformer? ;-)

Eldritch the cat sure made some crap conversions on the ST, but when they sat down and did a game on their own, the results were amazing. So, whey didn't they do that in the first place?

Anyway, Falcon and TT (well, MegaSTE too) owners are especially in for a real treat when they witness the increased frame rate their machines offer. So grab 2 friends/enemies/etc and get playing Projectyle!
D-Bug Team
People must be getting pretty annoyed we have 3 platformers in a row! We like this!

Anyway, this is a criminally underrated game (in top 100 lists etc), so we figure we might do it some justice and bring it up to speed with newer hardware than the humble ST.

Here's Harlequin
D-Bug Team

What? More platformers? Well, why not? Fiendlishly difficult but hugely addictive. Run and hack your way to victory this time! (See, it's NOT the same as Turrican)
And... we're off!!

What better way to start up the festive season than a good platformer? Lots? Well we guess you'll have to make do with Turrican here. There were around 14 patches to the code needed to make this run on the F30, but here it is in all it's glory (overscan included). Run and Gun your way to victory... we're sure its the ANTIDOTE for december blues.

Also, STOT participants, start your engines! This month you're in for a hell of a ride!

It would be curious to see how many people actually bothered to read this far instead of downloading the game and having fun! Probably very few ;)
D-Bug Team
And the final stinker before we start is..... Back to the Future III

I playtested this all the way through on the Falcon. I can honestly say... I hope I never have to see this again. Oh, and 'M' is your in game friend, I wish I'd found it sooner!
D-Bug Team
Here we are again... one day before December... with a truly cruddy game. This time it's Street Fighter II

Don't worry, the good stuff starts tomorrow! (Promise!)
D-Bug Team
It's time for another pre-December escape from the "games that don't meet the grade" compound around the back of D-Bug HQ.

This time it's The Untouchables.
D-Bug Team
It's not December yet... but we had way more than 25 titles ready... so today we'll release one of the "out takes" that we didn't consider good enough for our December line-up.

With no fanfare, here is Chips Challenge
D-Bug Team
Just putting up the decorations for Christmas ;-)
D-Bug Team
Here's the promised F1GPv2 with the state save fix. Sorry for the delay, but I'm sure once December rolls around you'll know why :-)
I've just updated the ULS3 page with v3.1 and also updated the documentation to reflect the changes and additions. We will re-release F1 shortly using the updated version which will fix some issues with the save states.
To commemorate the launch of the new ULSv3 core, and the formation of the new ULS Consortium, we decided to do something special - A simultaneous launch by both partners in the group. On Klaz's site you will find the classic ST
shooter "Goldrunner" - while here, on our site we present a title that really deserved having all the stops pulled out
for it.

D-Bug of the ULS Consortium present to you "Geoff Crammond's F1-GP?"

Passwords: English: cars French: il German: auf

Of course, it wouldn't be D-Bug without a sparkly intro from GGN and some rocking music from Dubmood!

But that's not all!! Check the top bar of our site here and you will find a new link! ULSv3 - Yes, this new loading technology is now open source for anyone and everyone to use (With one exception, hehe).

Let the ST HD-Revolution begin!
The ULS Consortium
ULSv3.0 - T-24 Hours and counting......
The ULS Consortium
A couple of weeks ago, a certain member from Evolution asked me if we had fixed Elvira: Mistress of the dark for the falcon. Immediately I thought: "Boobies!", and booted the game.

It really seemed easy to fix: Just fix the sample player and away we go! But then it started crashing around at random. In the end I noticed that it worked on RAM configs up to 2MB and not more (can't verify the original does this, as I used Vapour's version, but I suspect it does). So there began a pretty weird debugging session, with the certain Evolution member playtesting each version I pumped out (thanks :)). In the end I fixed that, the sample player, made it init and exit properly (resolutions setup), fixed it for TT and even tested it on my CT63, where it worked flawlessly! Lastly, as the playtester whined for a trained version, I took a shot at that (and believe me, I really regret it ;)). It loads and saves properly, so you can take a saved game, load it on your favorite hex browser and change values around offset $5114, which is where the stats are stored!

Well, that's it for this time. Download it and shout "Boobies!"
Learning from CJ's mistake yesterday, I did play the game before working on it - for 15 years now approx!

The Chaos Engine! The thinking man's shoot em up, just had to have a good treatment!

This took me a lot of time to do: The HD compatibility part was relatively straightforward, but then the gfx came garbled on Falcon and TT, which baffled me for quite some time! After that was fixed, the module player was botched to work on Falcons. Then I thought "oh, let's add a trainer!", which itself became a nightmare due to the game's code! I only managed to find infinite money before giving up. Lastly, due to a bug in the game (I presume) the game would lock up on the TT, and then it wouldn't work in STE mode, so I had to force plain ST mode (sorry!). Finally the cache was introducing problems on the MSTE, so it had to be disabled by default.

Enough blabbing, go play it :)
In a severe case of "I wish I'd played this before I started fixing it", here is Wolf Child+. The game truly gains nothing from the extra speed. I gave it infinite energy, but still couldnt find the will to play it. True dross, if ever there was some. Who would have thought it was the same company as Rick Dangerous?
For some reason I re-cracked Outrun today and sent it to the Falcon. Apart from needing ST-Low it ran straight away. So off I went to GenST and bashed up a setscreen and a p_exec and its done. Suprisingly good at 16mhz plus cache as well :) Anyway, with no fanfare at all due to not having to do much, here is Outrun!. (Why can't they all be this easy?)
It seems someone else has been busy recently as well. Klapauzius has released his version of Chubby Gristle and also given Darius+ the HD/F030 treatment! Great work, Klaz! You can find his patches here.

We will update the patch page with his work shortly.
As Vapour used to say 'The wheels keep on turning' The follow up to my last release is next, yes Ninja 3, again it's HD and Falcon/TT/mSTe enhanced.
Here's Cannon Fodder. If you've been reading our forum this release will come as no great shock to you. Not only is it now Falcon fixed, but I also added an in-game level skip option (press "s") so you can see the entire game. Other than that, it's the same as the one on D-Bug Menu 190, so please read the release notes on that menu for further details.
Well finally I'm back into the swing of things. We've been back in our post-flooded house for 1 month and the ST and Falcon are now set up. To kick off with I've patched Last Ninja 2, the screen rendering is so much faster on the Falcon/TT/mSTe, and as an added bonus I've included a level select option (the first version on the ST to have one!) lastly, thanks to CJ & GGN for bearing the D-bug torch in my absence during the past year!
Flashback to one of the first D-Bug falcon patches, "Blood Money" Our patch code has improved quite a bit since this was released by us, plus I've fixed the PSG Shadow Register writes (so it sounds better on the F30 now!) and also added a delay so you can see the first picture for longer. Unfortunatly it now requires 2mb instead of 1, but as your F30 should have 4mb anyway, who cares?
Shadow of the beast has landed. Yeah yeah I know, crappy game, crappy conversion etc. But it was something on my hard drive for a long time and I wanted to get it out! Besides, two eldritch the cat games in a row in the news page, yay! Lastly, I really wanted to see it running on my TT to see if it plays on a reasonable speed (it is sort of playable!).

Anyway, the horror stories for this game's code will go on and on and on till the end of time. Here's my experience: Firstly, the game wouldn't work on a 030 machine at all (yay for crappy programming!). Then, after I got it to work, it somehow corrupted the display on the Falcon only (setting resolution in the rasters code, how clever, NOT!). You can still see these glitches on the loaders, but they don't affect the game too much, so I thought I'd leave those (too bored to patch those ;)). I think I might start a thread on the forum just for this. Anyway, download and have a laugh!
2 games done in one day. Damn we're good!

1. Eldritch certainly lost one of its nine lives for the scrolling in this one, it was bad at 8mhz, now its fast and bad at 16mhz. Here's Flimbo's Quest from System 3.
2. Ok, it's not as good as Gauntlet II but it is way better than Gauntlet - Here's Warlock: The Avenger
Proving that not all budget games are terrible, here's Spellfire the sorceror
What? Nitro not good enough for you? You're weird! But we catered even for you people with another brilliant game, probably Core's most playable game of all (after Rick/Rick 2 anyway :). Madammes and monsieurs, we present to you
A rare treat indeed. A Psygnosis game worth playing! But that
After searching the database on that well maintained site, atarilegend.com, I found all the Core Design titles. As Bullis1 gave this such a great review, I did it just for him. Here's Frenetic.

P.S. GGN says: "my god it's a boring game"
Thunderhawk+. Very nice protection on this one, especially the encrypted manual check, but now you can just enter anything and it will work. Please use a blank formatted disk for your savegames, and note that the game isn't fussy about what is on there before overwriting it, so please be careful. The intro music is by Dubmood and Zambutom.

Also, Chuck rock is re-released, as 16MHz wasn't working on Falcons. Grab it from the link in the news item below this.
Here's Chuck Rock
Yes, I'm fully aware of the million of jokes one could do with the name of this release, but quite frankly I won't bother :). So here's The anomaly megademo by MJJ Prod. Of course (!) it won't work on anything else than a plain ST (I didn't even bother trying it on anything else yet!). Anyway, hope you honour us by copying this nice demo into your hard drive(s)!

If you have troubles transferring the files across to your Ataris, then read this, I hope it'll help you!

P.S. If you get a disk request just press space!
P.P.S. Who said that only CJ is allowed to make mistakes? I accidentally uploaded a version in which the reset demo didn't work, if it doesn't work for you simply re-download the archive :).
I had an hour to spare at work, so I looked into Chaos, added a selectable turns "trainer" (just replace the 'xxx' with the desired amount of turns you wish - in decimal) and while I was at it, fixed it for Falcons!
I really cant be bothered to even write this blurb for this release
No Second Prize - HD/ST/Ste/MSTe/TT/F030 - please note that saving DOES NOT WORK. Now we understand some people have trouble reading the notes here, and may need some additional help, so to spell it out quite clearly S A V I N G D O E S N O T W O R K. Even Sputnik should be able to understand that.
We're having a spring cleaning in the middle of July!

I.E. We thought this week we'd release stuff forgotten on our hard drives not released for one reason or another... Not anything terribly new or groundbreaking, but what the hell, we took some time to do them.

Today's treat for you is Llamazap, a fun shooter by the long haired weirdo, Yak! One of his last games for Atari, definitely worth checking it out. Oh, if you don't know, you need a jagpad to play it. Cheerio!
And now for something exclusive! D-Bug long time friend Tito Tteclado sent us a game last week for the Falcon that was never released!

The game is called El dia mas largo and it's unfortunately in Spanish. The source code is included though, so anyone want to do a translation is welcome to!
If you ask people to name a ST demo from 1993, most will probably go for the Synergy Megademo. Well, guess what, that's what we got here for you today!

A lot of fiddling around was required with it, but now it works on your Falcon 100% too! The music driver for each screen had to be patched, the 3-D screen didn't work at all and the floppy kept whirring when Crapman loaded. Well, you can consider all these nuiances a thing of the past now.

Of course the demo will crash If you select ChipMon II, but as that was meant to be run from the desktop, we included it in the same archive for you. Now, click and enjoy!
We've been a while, but here is Epic (ST/STe/MSTe/TT/F030/HD) Some notes for this for Falcon users - the game will randomly lock up if you use the mouse or the joystick, so please use the keyboard. Sorry for this, but after many hours in the code, I decided to boot it out the door 'as is' and maybe return to it later. All other Atari owners, just play as usual with your input device of choice. (CJ recommends a PeST with a Microsoft Optical Mouse)

P.S. After 2 years of meddling and over 15mb of data in the Epic folder, seems I uploaded the wrong version of the loader. Here's the correct one, sorry - CJ
Toi Acid un-earthed and released. Who says we always do the hard ones?! As a bonus you get a funky new Dubmood track in the intro tho :)
I've added all the brilliant fixes done by Klapauzius to the Patch page :)
Shw said 'oh hell, the competition released some hot gemdos french stuff....' and none of us cared, so we dug this out that we did over 4 months ago. Enjoy
Dubmood on M6

Dubmood featured on French TV channel M6. Not that very creative since the idea of the reportage was that all of the audience of M6 should understand what its about. And then cut down to 1minute. But hey it's the mainstream media! (that explains the super mario tune they forced me to put there). Still fun! "avec ton propre sound tu est unique!" hell yeah! I bet gwEm is glad maxymizer passed on TV too. Primetime and all that. hop hop! click click
D-Bug - Automation Website v2.0

January / February 2008, a quiet month for D-Bug, release wise that is. We say release wise as we've been beavering away in the background giving the web-site a much needed overhaul. To be honest the site has not changed much since conception in April 1999. The site is now totally database driven, this allows easy updating of D-Bug / Automation news, dynamic web pages and a much needed search feature. This is only the start, expect more new features over the coming months. Automation anyone?
Since we didn't release anything in November, we thought we'd make December special (as is the tradition). So we decided to release a game each day up till Christmas! Here's the complete list:

Leander ST/STe/mSTe/TT/F030 - 4mb HD by CJ
Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters ST/STe/mSTe/TT/F030 - 2mb HD by CJ
Interphase ST/STe/mSTe/TT/F030 - 2mb HD by GGN
Badlands ST/STe/mSTe/TT/F030 - 1mb HD Drive by GGN
1st Samurai ST/STe/mSTe/TT/F030 (now fixed for TOS 2.06!) - 4mb HD by CJ
Golden Axe ST/STe/mSTe/TT/F030 - 2mb HD by GGN
Fire & Brimstone ST/STe/mSTe/TT/F030 - 2mb HD by GGN
Xenon ST/STe/mSTe/TT/F030 - 1mb HD by GGN
Parasol stars ST/STe/mSTe/TT/F030 - 1mb HD by GGN
D-Bug CD 198 A
D-Bug CD 198 B
Creatures ST/STe/mSTe/TT/F030 - 2mb HD by GGN
Heavy Metal Heroes ST/STe/mSTe/TT/F030 - 2mb HD by GGN
Indy Heat ST/STe/mSTe/TT/F030 - 2mb HD by GGN
Zool ST/STe/mSTe/TT/F030 - 4mb HD
Navy Seals ST/STe/mSTe/TT/F030 - 4mb HD by SHW
Chuckie Egg ST/STe/mSTe/TT/F030 - 1mb HD by CJ
The Addams Family ST/STe/mSTe/TT/F030 - 2mb HD by GGN
Super Cars II ST/STe/mSTe/F030 - 2mb HD by GGN
Awesome ST/STe/mSTe/F030 - 4mb HD by GGN
Toki ST/STe/mSTe/F030 - 2mb HD by GGN
Smash TV ST/STe/mSTe/F030 / TT - 2mb HD by GGN
The Black Lamp ST/STe/mSTe/F030 - 1mb HD by CJ
Devious Designs ST/STe/mSTe/F030 / TT - 2mb HD by GGN
Gods ST/STe/mSTe/F030 / TT- 2mb HD by SHW
D-Bug CD 199 A
D-Bug CD 199 B
D-Bug CD 199 C
D-Bug CD 199 D
D-Bug CD 199 E

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
The releases keep on coming. Shw had a spare 10 minutes so decided to mega-train the PD game "Spherical". Of course the game is now Falcon and TT compatible and can run at 16mhz. The intro features our current views on Atari-Legend and more (long scroller!). Grab it here.
... and just a few minutes after that release: To support STOT, and because Rodlands totally ROCKS, here is a re-release of D-Bug 18 (Now fixed for Falcons, Megas and HDs). Please note its 2mb. Copy the menu to your hard disks for ever faster loader fun!
Automation are back! Total Anarchy: Protection so nice, nobody else filed it... Now Vapour's amazing crack of this title is revisited for HD and F030 by The Law.
To support STOT project GGN has patched up the old classic, Rainbow Islands, for your enjoyment. So Enjoy!
Melcus has once again excelled himself. This time with a fully filed / hd installable / mega-trained and Falcon fixed version of Ninja Warriors. The game was originally on Automation 319, cracked by Hot-Knife. The game features a dynamic loading which is very hard to file, but with the help of Ray's LZ77 packer Melcus succeeded.
The Automation/D-Bug/BBC DVD is nearing completion. However, there are a few old BBC menus we still require :) So if you have any of these menus please get in touch :- 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 24 & 31. Thanks!
It is with considerable regret that we have to make the following announcement.

As some of you may, or may not, know, the Moderators of Atari-Forum have banned our entire group and have also been editing posts from people who have posted about this. We have apparently been banned for suggesting that some of their recent releases have games which are "not very good". Now, people regularly point out that our current and past releases are "not very good" (as is their right) but we never, ever, see any moderator action against these posts. How is it ok to slag us without reprimand, but when we fight back we get shit? Moderators should moderate, not dictate.

Recently we've been having tongue in cheek old-school flame-parties with our good buddies the Pompey Pirates. I'm sure Juggler didn't take any offence with our banter and neither did we with his comments. Even the co-founder of Automation stated that the 'English humour' was often mis-understood. However this was the other main contributing factor in us been banned.

With this in mind, please read the following link for more information. The hypocritical nature of the bannings, and the editing of posts by other users has driven us to make this public instead of settling it in a quiet discreet way like we originally intended.

AF/AL: As per your last email. Can you please carry out our requests.
Another rare occurence. Automation menu 308 is re-released with a fully working version of Tower of Babel. Grab it here.
D-Bug menu 188 has finally being released for a third time! The reason for the re-issue is that Tito gave us a 100% working copy of Journey to the Centre of the Earth. As an added bonus Shw has made the game compatible with the Falcon and TT.
You were expecting a fixpack maybe? Well, we have it right here. Read the announcement too
End of month.... So that means we have to spoil you again, right? We suppose we can't deny a game junkie his/her dose, so go and get it!
D-Bug unleashes onto the internet: Menu 197! While a version was released at Outline 2007 to the assembled folks, this is the final build of the menu, complete and ready to be written to floppies everywhere. What's on it? Well, it's a long time favourite and classic game, that surprisingly was never put on a menu (obviously because it doesn't fit on one disk without missing bits out.... *cough* no names *cough*)

Yes, it's Gauntlet II! And as usual, you will find it ST/STe/MegaST/MegaSTE/Falcon Hard Disk compatible/8-16Mhz and also this time, trained with extra health for those of you not brave enough to fight the dragon!

This disk also features two new and exclusive tunes composed for us by new D-Bugger, Dubmood. Expect a lot more fantastic YM noises from us in future releases.

D-Bug wishes everyone who attended Outline 07, and everyone who couldn't make it, a very Merry May. Welcome Red Wizard! CJ/SHW/GGN/ECG/DUBMOOD.
Here we are with 2 sizzling news items for you all. First of all, will you give a warm welcome to our new member, Dubmood! After lots and lots of exclusive tracks he offered to D-BUG, he finally agreed to join our posse! Secondly, since it's the end of the month, we have another fixpack for you all. So, see you all at Outline 07, and don't forget to bring your joysticks with you!
250,000 visitors! Shw started the D-Bug site way back in 1998, since then we've managed to reinvigorate the interest of old legends and seek out new fresh members! Still going strong, here's to 500,000 hits.
Minutes before the month ends, we bring you the March fixpack containing some sizzling games!
What?!! A New interview in the Automation section?! Come on Dack, spill the beans.
We might be spoiling you, but in any case, here's the February's fix pack. Download, enjoy, and discuss!
D-Bug would like to announce the release of their brand new forum.

Many thanks to Silver Surfer and Brume for allowing us to lurk on their hosted forum for many years. However we think the time is now right to go it alone, ploughing a long lonely furrow in the ever diminishing scene world of the Atari ST.
We don't see our forum as a rival to the DHS forum, AF or AtariAge. It's simply a platform to talk all things D-Bug and Automation.

We'll try to be nice, if that's at all possible. Ask us anything to do with D-Bug or Automation and we'll endeavour to help you out.

Automation / D-Bug active still since 1988

P.S. note that we have a RSS feed running as well, can't say we try to keep with the times ;)
Well, we messed up in the fixpack, but we're not afraid to admit it. So, here's a fixed version of Ghosts'n'Goblins (doesn't crash when you get a hiscore at game over anymore)
It's the end of the month... Fixpack time!!! What's that? Well, click here to find out
The oldest, most active, consistently friendly Atari ST crew return in 2007 with a brand new server and domain name. Twenty years..... still going strong. Also, along with the server came new e-mail addresses. You can now contact us here for anything general. Or you can contact each one of us personally: Showaddwaddy, Cyrano Jones and GGN (remove the obvious spam traps in caps).
T'Was the night before Christmas, When all through the house
Not a disk drive was purring, and no atari mouse.
The sceners were older, hung out with no hair
In hope that ST D-Bug could be bothered to care.

The files were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of the 80s danced in their heads.
And CJ and Shw and GGN from the hall
said have another gift, Merry Xmas one and all.

D-Bug proudly present menu 196 a/b.
You see the down arrow key on your keyboard? Keep pressing it until you get to the bottom of our news page, there you will see an entry from 1st April 2001! mentioning our 'long awaited' Auotmation/ D-Bug CD, well if it was long awaited in 2001 what is it now?!! Anyway Shw has been beavering away behind the scenes along with some of Santa's little helpers. The up shot of this all is the CD is nearly done... however, believe it or not! there are still some menus missing!!! The menus we require are all V1 menus, in other words menus which have subsequently been re-released due to one or another factor (STe fix etc). So if you have any of the following Automation menus please get in touch!!

134 with autoMenu prg size NOT 14,018
135 with autoMenu prg size NOT 22,734 or 50,191
141 with autoMenu prg size NOT 19,156
267 with autoMenu prg size NOT 5,856
509 with autoMenu prg size NOT 6,912 (original released by Voodoo)
510 with autoMenu prg size NOT 21,070 (original released by Voodoo)
Falcon / (m)ST(e) area updated with Confusion (Falcon Only).
We recently found out that D-Bug 87 (Captain Planet) had not been imaged correctly, resulting in the game failing to load. Quite how this has slipped under the radar for so many years is a mystery. Anyway, w've re-msa'd it. So check out the download page.
Hey.. it's Halloween... Well, we had the final 5 menus all tapped out ready to roll us up to 200. Then something special happened. Encounter! A game so good we changed our menu plans to bring it to you. As you've come to expect, its 16mhz accelerated as well as fixed for hard disk installs making it resemble the Atari 8-bit version even more! So hop on over to the download page, and grab possibly the best ST release in over 15 years. We even took the opportunity to boost it for Falcons and MSTEs. Also filling the disk are Indigo and Znax!
We've decided to create a new Falcon / mSTe download page. So now you've got an easy one stop shop for all your download needs.
Automation 500a .... Does it really only exist in the disk boxes of Vapour, The Law, and Grazey? Who knows.
We've been gone a while, but now we're back. The disk images speak for themselves. D-Bug, 2006 - Rocking Your World. Blood Money and Arctic Moves featured here are only a taste of what's to come in the future from D-BUG. Our goal is to cater for all ST users, which is why we've raised the bar again and added support for the Falcon 030 and Mega STe. We said it a few disks back... Nobody does it better. Click the LINK to download.
Arrived back from the Ouitline party in the Netherlands. We met some great guys.... big hi's to Havoc, Paranoid, gwEm, 505, Cyclone, Lotek, Earx and the rest of the crazy people.
After a long day of blood, sweat and tears (not neccesarily in that order), we are more than proud to present you Menu #192c and d. Melcus really excelled himself this time: Not only did he agree to join D-BUG, but he also brought some goodies with him. So we are really proud to present you Dragon Flight English. Oh, and just because we had some spare room left on (d), we thought we'd throw in Saint Dragon SE! Again by Melcus, count the extra features: Falcon fixed, hard drive installable, Ramdisked, Trained!!! GGN. Oh and from now on all our menus are Falcon compatible.
Two thirds of D-Bug will be attending the Outline party in Zevenaar (NL) from 2nd to 5th of June. So say hi if you see either Showaddywaddy or GGN. Oh an we're still proud of Blasteroids.
What do you call 5 Mega-Demos all at once? A Multi-Ultra-Mega-Demo-Bonanza, that's what! D-Bug present to you, 5 fully cracked and HD installable Mega-Demos from Ye Olde Age of Classic Style screens, All ready to rock and roll straight from the folder of your choice, brought to you by CJ.
Mindbomb Demo by The Lost Boys,
Cuddly Demos by The Carebears,
Syntax Terror by Delta Force,
Dark Side of the Spoon by Unlimited Matricks,
Decade Demo by Inner Circle.

Presented to you on D-Bug 193 a,b,c,d & e! Cyrano Jones. Note: The only issue with these menus is that Dark Side of the Spoon's overscan doesn't work with MegaSTE's, but the original was like this as well :)
The onsluaught continues. We're very proud to present the first ever crack of Dragon Flight. Way back in more active times most of the top crackers had this game, but none of them succeeded in cracking it.....until now that is. Melcus has certainly excelled himself with a cracked, packed, ram-disked, HD installable and not to mention Falcon fix for this cool RPG. Also on the disk is Paradize's addictive puzzle game Pooz (note: this is the new fixed version), plus there's Cyclone's Pooz save game editor and Grazey's SNDH-Ed 1.10 Can it get any better? Download all these goodies on D-Bug 192 a/b.
I feel a Carly Simon song coming on. Menu 191 is in the wild. Quite posibly our best compact disk ever! Lethal Xcess (4mb HD) and Monster Business (2mb ULS HD) versions, all on a single disk. Don't forget to snag a copy of Automation 504 for the Monster Business files required by the ULS installer. The custom menu was coded by CXT (of LXS fame!) and all the ripped music on the menu was provided by our good friend Grazey. The loader code for LXS was written by CJ, as was the MB ULS installer.... Sometimes I wish someone would
It's Sunday, so another D-Bug menu ? Not quite. Here we bring you another fixed Automation menu. This time Automation 157 v3! Yes, not even a v2. The history of this menu is as follows.....157 was originally released with Strider and Tanglewood (both cracks by Vapour) , then it was re-issued (v2) with the menu fixed for the STe shifter. Now we bring you v3, it's been re-re-released :) because Tanglewood crashed when you tried to make one of your robots dive in the lake. Thanks to our good friend Grazey for providing the original. Also thanks to Karadoc for spotting the original bug and for play testing the game.There's also now room for another exclusive release on this disk, notably Monolator, a Monochrome Emulator coded by Cyrano Jones (this was coded along time ago but never released). To use the emulator simply put it in the auto-folder. Grab the disk here.
"Full Steam Ahead Captain". Menu 190 a/b hits the streets. This menu is a little experiment, with the game Cannon Fodder a 4mb only game. 4mb only ? What the f***! We've thought long and hard, but making the game 4mb allows the game to be HD Installable and has no loading (After the initial load). Our version of Cannon Fodder is the only version to feature :- Full Game (intro not cut off) , Hard-Drive installable, and the ability to save games. (Superior, strange to remove this rather important feature from your version!). Thanks to the following people who helped with this menu - Slasher Bog of SFX (who supplied the original of Cannon Fodder back in 1993!) , Activ8 for play testing and finally to Dubmood who provided two excellent exclusive tracks which are used on the menus of 190 a/b. Feedback with regards the four-megging of this game would be appreciated. On 190 (b) you'll find the official D-Bug CD list 1-190.
Happy New Year. The menus keep on coming. First a quite rare game - Orbiter by Spectrum Holobyte, rare in the fact that I'd never seen a crack of this ancient game. However, I understand good old New Mode/Delta Force (in his shadier days!) cracked it, but I've never seen the disk. So here it is, cracked by our occasional collaborator GGN/KUA (yeah .. he coded the fab menu on 178!). Other goodies include a nice Horizontal arcade game - "Well 'ard" (now fully unlocked thanks to the author), "The Adventures of Alice who went through the Looking Glass and came back, though not much changed", keen fans would have seen that on 188 v1 ;) and another text adventure "In the Year 2093". Grab menu 189 here.
No!! Not red noses but red faces! I omitted a number of files on menu 188. This means the second level of Journey to the Centre of the Eath was completely corrupted. Anyway I've fixed it now, but the downside is that Alice no longer fits on the disk, it will therefore appear on the next menu. The good news is that I've included a little cheat which allows you to skip the puzzle screen and go straight to the arcade adventure. Thanks for GGN for spotting the bugs and for Activ8 for the original play testing.
D-Bug present menu 188. Containing Journey to the Centre of the Earth (another rare Spanish title), TLB's Life's a Bitch demo (now hard disk installable) and an ancient text adventure called "The Adventures of Alice who went through the Looking Glass and came back, though not much changed" phew long title! Grab it here.
Another week, another menu. D-Bug 187 contains :- Swiv (Hard drive installable) by our new friends and affiliates ECG (East Cracking Group) plus a nice little intro with zak by gwEm. Mega Phoenix, a rare Spanish shoot em up filed by Showaddywaddy. The menu also contains a really nice intro by Andy The Arfling / BBC featuring a superb 3 bit plane bit bending scroller! (the first on the ST ?) The screen was part of the un-released BBC megademo. Enjoy the disk.
Thanks to those nice guys at atarizone.com we now have all menus back online.
Seems like an eternity... 364 days to be exact. But finally D-Bug makes a new release. A departure from the normal menus in that there are no hacked games on the disk! That's because we're very proud to introduce D-Bug U.L.S. (Universal Loading System). Yes 6 months in the making and going some way to explain D-Bug's hibernation. In a nut shell ULS allows you to run practically any D-Bug / Automation / BBC game crack on your hard drive. So you benefit from faster loading, hi-scores saved to your hard disk and for MegaSTe owners, the ability to play many games in 16mhz and therefore super speed (try Harlequin for example!). On menu 186 we bring you HD installers for :-

Leaving Teramis (Automation 262)
Harlequin (D-Bug 39)
James Pond 2 - Codename Robocod (D-Bug 15a)
Moonshine Racers (BBC 47 a/b)
Resolution 101 (Automation 293)
Robocop 2 (BBC 32)
Speedball 2 (BBC 36)
Streetfighter 2 (D-Bug 100 a/b/c/d/e)
The Untouchables (Automation 223)
Wizkid (D-Bug 80)

Of course even D-Bug can't fit 11 games on one disk. That's why we've included an installer program (with new gfx/sound by C-Rem and gwEm respectively), the installer will copy all the files from the original menu onto your hard-drive and install the new loader. Full source code and ULS documentation is included on the disk. Expect more ULS titles soon... and if you're nice we might even take requests.
U.L.S. coming soon...............
Aah the long dark nights.... lets get cracking N packing...... 185 released.
Yeah, we're still alive, surviving the wet Summer. No new menus yet, although some are in the pipeline (albeit from Siberia). Anyway to keep you all happy Cyrano Jones has released all the source code to the Apathetic Games, check out the extras section.
The links to all our menus are finally restored, thanks Darren. Remember to click on the second disk icon. Oh and CJ has released all his menu source into the public domain... so click on the new 'Extras' section!
An Automation founder... from the dawn of ST Compact Disks gives us his thoughts on those golden years... yes a new interview is online from Ozzwald / LSD / Automation. You know where to go.
CD 184 a/b is released. Again a previously un-cracked game is fodder for Shw. Note it is possible to download this CD from the site, but the others are still down. This is my last menu for quite a while....... see you soon.
The FTP site is currently down, however it should be restored by the 1st of May,
Cyrano Jones makes a re-appearance with a cool new menu featuring a 24bit picture zoomer! Apart from that nothing really special on here. Realms of Reality is a Dungeon Master clone (I've now fixed it for TOS 2.06) and Osmosis is a nice puzzle game in the mould of Match It. This game now saves high scores to a file in Drive A. Oh....and look out for a new interview very soon. Get 183 here.
Ok, not something that happens that often. In fact the last Automation v2 must date back to the early 90's. Well quite an historic event then, strange times indeed... Medway cracks, Automation menu's , next I'll be asking you all to contact me at the Stretford sorting office. CD 155 v2 contains Bangkok Nights (crack/pack by Ozzwald) and Phantasie III (crack by rb, pack by Ozzwald). Yeah Phantasie III was never cracked 100%, read more info in the menu scroller. Grab it here.
We're back with a new menu D-Bug 182. Two games from 1986!! BUT both never cracked before. Firstly Universe II from Omnitrend Software cracked by me. Secondly something really special.. the game Breakers, special in that it sees the re-emergence of one of the ST's most famous crackers - Zippy of The Medway Boys, aka The Mighty Clog aka Absu aka The Milky Bar Kid of Cynix. His first ST crack in over 12 years! He might do the odd guest crack in the future... but no promises. Grab it here.
Another double release... with 180 and 181. Special thanks to Evil from DHS for coding a nice menu on 180 and C-Rem for his endless supply of quality GFX.
9 month gap ... but finally we churn out another menu. Hopefully releases will become more frequent now. Highlights from this menu is a cracked version of Realm of the Trolls, a previously uncracked game! Oh and a big thank you to our 'little helpers' - C-Rem and Hari Seldon. Get menu 179 here.
Menus 84 and 141 were imaged incorrectly causing menu 84 not to boot at all and 3rd Reich to fail on menu 141 A. Anyway I've re-imaged them from my original disks so work 100% now.
Ok, still no new menus. None since April, yikes! Fear not some are still in the pipeline but I'm concentrating all my efforts on releasing some music hack disks. In the mean time another Automation member - Stainless Steel Rat aka Igniter spills the beans in the interview section.
It came to our attention that two games were not 100% cracked, namely Grandad 2 (Menu 161) and The Glass Buttock of Tharg (Menu 151 C), both featured a protection matrix which didn't appear until well into the games. Anyway enough waffling, a kind chap named rb has made 100% versions, hence a re-release of the related menus, cheers rb.
Another ex Automation member surfaces and divulges more thoughts from ST scene history, see the interview section.
D-Bug 178 released, special thanks to Hari Seldon for coding the magnificent menu!.
D-Bug #21 has been re-released! Warzone didn't work due a bug in Hot-Knife's depacker. Anyway now it's fixed. Thanks to Russ Hayward & Kimmo Hakala for spotting this. NOTE: Warzone requires 1mb.
The FTP should be back up now. Cheers to Darren Birks for sorting it out.
Check out the interviews page were we chat with Andy The Arfling from the BBC (Bad Brew Crew) ex Automation. I'm in the process of revamping the whole site and this will involve the addition of Automation's history and interviews. Thanks Andy for the speedy completion! Enjoy.
Whooa! A new forum , to discuss all things D-Bug. See the new link on the menu! Thanks to Brume & Silver Surfer for this.
Not one, not two, but three D-Bug menus at once... No congestion charges here!!! Menus 176, 177 a/b are released. I've also added another download link for menus 171-177 (the yellow disk), thanks to Brume for the web space.
175 is released. Note, "download1" is down at the moment so always use "download2" - the pink disk.
A couple of news items. Firstly the link to menu 164 has been removed for the time being. We've had an email from the person who still holds the copyright and more importantly is still selling it! As soon as the game becomes PD or Shareware we'll re-instate the link. Secondly we've got a number of games in German, most have never made it onto CD's, we need help translating them into English, so if you're up for it email D-Bug!
What's going on ?!!! Two news items in a day , who wet the bed !!! The production line rolls on... 174 is out!
Ooooops! Lamers oh yes we are. Chaos didn't run on 1 meg machines. All fixed now :)
Yes we do believe in miracles, a second menu within a week! This time a collaboration between D-Bug and our good friend Mug UK, who finally gets to write scroller! This is the first menu to feature a fab new intro by DHS (thanks Evil!) go here!.
Another menu hits the streets. Yep 172 is out.
Another shock... the first new menu since 1994 has been compiled!! D-Bug 171 is available for download now.
Shock!... Horror!.... menus 1-170 are all back online!!! thanks to Darren Birks for the web-space !!! Two ftp sites are now available. So click on the Blue disk for Mirror 1 or the Red disk for Mirror 2. The FTP is limited to 5 simultaneous connections so please be patient if you can't connect straight away.
At last an update! Not a major one though :( Just to tell you that menus 158-170 are back on line thanks to Brume at http://pacigame.atari.org, cheers mate.
The file server is currently down. This is totally beyond our control so please no more emails saying "i can't download such and such a game". We'll update you when the server is back up.
Season Greetings to all our followers. Just couple of small updates. Firstly the search screen finally works! Secondly we've included some ascii lists of all D-Bug menus, plus as a bonus a list of games appearing on Automation and Pompey menus (go to the FAQ page). Look out for new menus appearing in early January.
Well the updates are coming thick and fast!! Finally some *new* menus, the first in over 7 years! Admittedly D-Bug 166 won't set your world on fire but look out for games that never made it in to the Automation/D-Bug series. The highlight for these menus must be Hot-Knife's dongle'less crack of Dynablasters. More menus shortly.
Another new design! Plus the FAQ is now online. Shw.
Finally after what seems an age our menus are back online. Once again thanks to Richard Davey from LGD for providing the web space. Many many people write in asking about menus 158-165 and why they're not available for download. Well the reason is that around menu 157 Hot-Knife and Showaddywaddy lost touch and during this time both members were releasing menus themselves. Different numbered menus contained the same game, basically it was a right mess! Anyway I'm in the process of renumbering the offending menus. Hopefully menu 158 should be released early next week. Watch this space!! We have also re-designed the site, hope you like it! STOP PRESS: Menus 158-165 are back online.
We are currently hacking and packing some new games for inclusion on our long awaited official Automation / D-Bug CD. We are in desparate need for PD / Shareware games to act as 'disk fillers'. Can you help out ? If so mail the usual address.