SNDH 4.2

Howdy, here is more in-depth information regarding the latest SNDH 4.2 release (available at )

  • THALION SOUND DEMO : This demo featured some nice digi tunes as well as new chip musics at that the time e.g. Bach The Future. The tunes are in the same format as the Union demo hidden screen so converting was straight forward :)

  • GARY WHEATON TUNES : Shapeshifter Budgie UK tunes are notoriously buggy. Luckily I stumbled across one Gary's demos which had his complete music collection in one file. Therefore I've updated all the old tunes with ones from this demo. The demo also featured new tunes not already in the SNDH archive :)
  • ROGGIE TUNES : Thanks to Tufty for pointing me in the direction of 40+ quartet tunes by Scottish composer - Roggie of the Slaytanic Cult.
  • XyNo Saurus TUNES : Now and again we get emails out of the blue. Here's one such occasion. So we present XyNo with some fantastic Musicmon / Maxymiser tunes :)
  • 505 TUNES : Evil unearthed some un-used 505 tunes. How dare they stay unknown, not any more!
  • FIXES : Big up's to efy and Pavel who keep me busy identifying bugs!
    • Ivanhoe : Fixed sub songs looping
    <li><strong>Gary Wheaton : </strong>Fixed buggy replayers.</li>
    <li><strong>Backlash</strong> : Fixed player crash.</li>
    <li><strong>Hate: </strong>Fixed crash</li>
    <li><strong>Rambo III</strong> : Fixed silent songs</li>
    <li><strong>Deuteros :</strong> Fixed title name</li>
    <li><strong>In Eighty Days Around The World</strong> : Fixed crash and also found a Mad Max digital tune! Which is now included in the archive :)</li>
    <li><strong>Pacmania </strong>: All sub-tunes now included.</li>
    <li><strong>Projectyle:</strong> All Quartet sub-tunes now included.</li>

  • MARTIN IVESON TUNES : Many moons ago I ripped the tune from Core's Wolfchild. At the time I presumed it was composed by 4-Mat of Anarchy (Matthew Simmonds) - due to him using an identical player for 4-Mat's other ST tunes. However I received an email from Matt advising he didn't compose the tune. Since then the tune has slept in the unknown folder. Recently I emailed Martin Iveson the composer of the Amiga Wolfchild tunes. He confirmed the tune was indeed written by him so his one and only ST tune is now correctly identified :)
  • TAO TUNES : We all know just how amazing Tao tunes are! Well a while ago Frank pushed the STe to its limits by updating his Magic Synth software to use DMA sound. I've finally converted these to SNDH. The SNDH uses the full capabilities of the Falcon if you possess such a beast. NOTE: Currently Winjam does not play these tunes correctly, however they sound fine on a real STe/Falcon.  I've also included the original single SID tunes from Songs That Make You Go Hmmm 2, these were later updated into 2 SID voice tunes in the Steps demo.
  • X32 TUNES : God I love these. Good old GGN wrote a XBIOS 32 searcher program which sifted through thousands of MSA's and ZIP files for such ancient tunes. The results are included in this archive. Click if you dare! A fore warning, we've updated the searcher to find STOS music files so you know what to expect in SNDH 4.3 :)

That's all for now..... please give feedback and see you again in SNDH 4.3. Expect major things to happen in the next update!



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