SNDH 4.4

Here we are with SNDH release v4.4 (available at )

Let us start with the rather Dutch slant this time. Well you can blame Lowlife/Hotline for that! :)

He posted on Facebook that he had found some old disks containing unreleased stuff! This included music files and the source code to TLB's Killing Spree (which we released at the Outline demo party).

On inspecting the disks I found many new tracks from Scavenger, ISO, Dr Beat, ENS and EVE. This provides the back bone of v4.4.

The Dutch theme continues with a comprehensive Lotus release. His Synth Dream music driver was rather nastily coded, well in the day it was quite innovative but from the sense of making it Falcon and OS compatible it's nasty! So finally we have all his tunes in SNDH format after co work from myself and gwEm.

Next we have 20 tunes from French composer Charles Callet, once I worked out his music format ripping other games became easy. As usual Atari-Mania assisted in locating obscure titles written by Charles. Although I've found many other Callet tunes which are yet to be credited in their database.

Other worthy mentions include Quartet tunes by Flix / Delta Force and some nice C64/ST conversions by Simon O.

I also located a very early Mad Max tune of Axel F used in a TEX cractro plus an un-released tune for Rings of Medusa!

As usual a some duplicate tunes have been deleted including Thundercats which is written by Sir Rob Hubbard and not David Whittaker.

Final mention and grateful thanks to GGN who with my help wrote a massive batch STOS song extractor!! To some this deserves a severe kicking, to other YM aficionados it deserves a pat on the back and a cup of Yorkshire tea! :) Expect more of these STOS treats in the next release!


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