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Message started by musashi5150 on 25.02.07 at 22:01:44

Title: ST Cracking for newbies
Post by musashi5150 on 25.02.07 at 22:01:44
Hi all  :)

I'm an Amiga guy (no booing please ;) ) into coding/patching/cracking etc, but recently I've got myself a 1040STE and I've been starting to learn some stuff on that for a change.  And Showaddywaddy pointed me in this new forums direction for some info about the basics of ST cracking - most likely from CJ.

On the Amiga I'm pretty spoilt and I'm used to 'button pushing' with my ActionReplay cart, but it seems most ST guys just use MonST and trace everything through by hand.  I do have an Ultimate Ripper cart as well.

But being on a 'new' platform I'm really wondering where to start and thought I'd make this post and see what happens :) ....

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