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Message started by musashi5150 on 25.02.07 at 22:01:44

Title: Re: ST Cracking for newbies
Post by CJ on 25.02.07 at 22:55:16

Well, I'm not going to go into any great details here as this is probably the most asked question we get and www.google.com is a pretty good resource for answers :)

I'd get yourself a copy of HiSoft's Devpac or TurboAsm and Bugaboo and then go find some really old. old titles in pasti format (You know, easy ones.. like, eg, really old German Math games... hehehe) or even titles with the Symbol Table intact (Enduro Racer, anyone?)

Work out what you need to do to make those work, then find something slightly harder... wash, rinse, repeat and sooner or later you'll be cracking megademos :)

There is no rulebook, there's not really a "do this and its cracked" format to tell you.  Take a look at our Rick Dangerous II and then look at Zippy's Rick Dangerous II.... the bytes we changed are completely different, yet both work...

But more than anything, have fun :)

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